By Ashley Alt

Ah, the holidays: that magical time of year where friends and family gather for homemade noodles, Christmas carols, gingerbread houses and the latest tech garb. We know it’s no easy feat gifting (or re-gifting) for your loved ones, so we’ve compiled a hard-list of nine brand spanking new tech gadgets that the whole family can enjoy.

Behold the gifts that keep giving all year long: A roundup of the absolute coolest tech products guaranteed to bring joy to the world.



Instead of just moving your finger to play the classic PAC-MAN game, Moff PAC-MAN encourages you to get your whole body moving. The Moff PAC-MAN is a gamified fitness app using innovative wearable technology. To play, you simply slap the Moff Band on your wrist and move your arm up, down, left or right to control PAC-MAN as you eat up all the cookies and avoid those pesky ghosts. Bonus: This game is a free download in Apple’sApp Store and Google Play for Android.


Have a pup, cat or other furry friend? Pets are getting the 21st century tech treatment, too. PetBot is a built-in camera, microphone and treat dispenser that connects you to your pet when you aren’t (physically) around. This adorable pet-shaped product allows your pet to, wait for it, take a selfie that sends directly to your phone and lets you communicate with them virtually and give them a treat.

Owlet Baby Monitor


Modern parenting, in terms of tech products, has made millennial moms and dads a little less stressed and a lot more reassured of their baby’s safety and well-being. One of the most buzzed about products this year was the Owlet Baby Monitor, a new infant sock that tracks your baby’s vitals as he/she sleeps. The sock uses hospital technology called pulse oximetry, miniaturized into a snuggly smart sock that your little one wears overnight, proactively monitoring the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels.



The commuter’s dream is here; a fast, practical, eco-friendly and affordable way to get to work. Urban riders can now enjoy their ride to work sans the crowded subway. The URB-E is an emission-free electric scooter that has a 20-mile range, top speed of 15 mph and is fully charged in four hours. The product is super sleek and compact, and can easily be folded up to fit in your small apartment, office or city bus.

Mira Jewelry


Wearables are becoming impressively stylish. Technology bracelets and other fashionable accessories have done a fine job with practicality, but they are now actually, finally, pretty. Mira is a Chicago-based company that has become the fashion world’s preferred line of smart jewelry, made for the woman who prefers to keep her tracking habit private. The brand is redefining the wearables category by offering complete discretion from calculating steps and calories. The collection is so gorgeous, you’ll forget you’re wearing a tracker.

Lumo Run


Lumo Run is the first smart tracker to analyze your running form, offering personalized coaching in real time on how to improve your exercises. The Lumo Run shorts and capris have an actual tracker in the clothing’s lining, measuring cadence, breaking, bounce, pelvic rotation and pelvic drop.

Sleep Phones

No more bulky headphones or tangled earbud cords disrupting your beauty rest. Sleep Phones is a comfortable, secure headband that plays music from your phone wirelessly that also works as a sleep tracker. With built-in sensors, it changes the volume and type of music you hear as you sleep, ensuring you wake up on the right side of the bed in the morning.

Hudway Glass Car Accessory


Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel while driving with this amazing reflective glass GPS. By placing this head-up display on your dashboard, the Hudway Glass allows you to see strictly necessary information that’s key to your destination, like directions, speed and navigation.

Family Hub Fridge


Samsung’s Family Hub Fridge is an epic technology win. It is a revolutionary new refrigerator with a wifi-enabled touchscreen that can be used to order groceries, coordinate your family’s schedules and appointments, and entertain guests like never before. You can even watch your favorite TV shows and listen to music on the LCD screen. You will never want to leave the kitchen with this jam-packed featured refrigerator.

Tis the season for tech finds!