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Is your social life experiencing a dry spell? If so, we have great news for you. Namely those itching to get out of the somewhat numbing routine that we tend to fall into with our established group of friends, ending up at the same venues with the same people, week after week after week.

Despite the profusion of social outlets practically designed to create a tailored social life for us, there is one key (and quite ironic) component that’s missing with modern media: face-to-face interaction.

The solution? Another app! This one created to get us out of the monotonous, digital haze that we have become so accustomed to and back into the real world of meeting people directly.

Introducing Cliq, the social app built on the concept of bringing back face-to-face interaction, designed to connect people offline by breaking down the barriers that prevent different groups of friends from socializing.

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Cliq founder and CEO Nick Wieczorek felt like something was missing when he moved to Chicago after college. While he had the excitement and energy of the city surrounding him and a good friend base to share it with, he realized there was a huge disengagement of meeting new people and doing new things.

Based simply on the fact that established friend groups and individuals are hesitant in meeting other potential friends, Wieczorek started thinking seriously about how he could end the bubble culture that’s so easy to get sucked into, and reinstate actual face-to-face interaction so that people can enjoy the city they’re living in to the fullest.

“We knew there were other groups of friends feeling the same way that we were,” Wieczorek states. “We wanted to foster a community of people that are very open to meeting other new people,” he explains.

Because really, the technology behind it was all that was missing. “We want it to be something fun that you talk to your friends about and something that you’re proud to be on. All we needed was a platform to connect.”

Making the Social Dreamland a Reality

A classic startup backstory that began in his parent’s basement, the idea slowly came about in 2011 during Wieczorek’s junior year of college as his first experience of living life in the city was not what the movies depicted:

  • Effortlessly meeting new people every night
  • Attending every cool event the city had to offer
  • Sharing those experiences both with friends and acquaintances

At the end of 2014, Wieczorek got serious about creating something that would connect people to one another in a fun and easy way, and he knew that technology was the way to go about doing that due to our tremendously interactive digital world.

“We initially built this platform for friend groups looking to meet other friend groups,” Wieczorek says.

But it has evolved into so much more than that from the demand of new couples moving to Chicago together, to the ‘I just moved here, I don’t know anyone in the city,’ to parents seeking out other parents.”

Based on an efficient three-step strategy, users on the Cliq app:

  1. Add existing friends to a group
  2. Locate people within their proximity
  3. Invite them to chat

The Cliq team has recently added new features that further the shared experiences growth by listing popular events in the city including concerts, new drinking and dining venues, art shows and more.

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“This technology is unlocking the new demand for bringing people back together where it’s very comfortable to interact,” Wieczorek says.

“This technology can propel you into this new world where that happens more often; meeting a great group of people and having a good time.The goal is to create more in-person experiences for everyone.”

Not Just an App for Millennials

The application is largely contingent on 20-somethings wanting to link up with other people going to bars and concerts. But how it gets used it up to Cliq users. That may be new moms looking for mom friends, friend groups looking to spruce up their already established social circles or individuals in search of fun events in the city.

“We want to be the go-to app for planning your offline experiences,” Wieczorek says.

“So you can literally open your phone and spontaneously figure out what to do for the night, whether that’s meeting new friends, or your group plus another group heading to a concert, going to an art show or whatever it may be. It’s just making that process completely seamless.”

While the company and concept are very much in place, the app will officially be launching in the upcoming months. With an already impressive “talked about” list including The Tribune, NBC Chicago, WGN Radio, Inc. Magazine and more, we’re excited to see this new invention really take off. In the meantime, provides anxious users with updated information, including a “CliqList” of favorite city hotspots and trends for followers to check out.