Photo: 1871

By Zach Deitz

Yesterday, 1871, an entrepreneurial hub for digital start-ups in Chicago, announced they would be naming Comcast NBCUniversal as their 2016 Corporate Champion. The announcement and award presentation will occur at the ninth annual Momentum Awards Dinner on Oct. 6, 2016 at the Raddison Blu Hotel.

The organization calls their Corporate Champion Award an “incredible” honor, being one of only four awards being given out at the Momentum Awards Dinner. This awards dinner is the largest gathering of the technology community in Chicago every year and helps fundraise for technology startups in the area.

The award comes on the heels of all the positive impact Comcast has lead to the community of Chicago, especially in the digital sector.

CEO of 1871, Howard A. Tullman, has this to say about the company’s impact:

From day one of 1871, Comcast has been an amazing partner of ours, providing free internet services and resources that have profoundly impacted many start-up companies and businesses. Comcast has been a leader in the community, fostering programs that have impacted thousands of homes and millions of lives.”

It is clear that, through their contribution, Comcast has paved the way for many Chicago corporate entities and start-ups to have an impact on the community that otherwise may not have been catalyzed.

A lot of this positive impact has been through the Internet Essentials program, which is Comcast’s effort to allow everyone to have internet in their home. The program has no credit check, no term contract, no installation fee and is only $9.95 per month. It is chiefly for students, elderly and those in assisted housing programs who otherwise could not afford internet.

By offering opportunities such as the one above — and continuing to care for the community through the services provided — Comcast has proven itself as a chief contributor to the city of Chicago, helping many realize goals and dreams that otherwise would not have been possible.