Photo: Twenty20 / Cristo Redentor

The opening ceremony for the Olympic Games is a spectacle every four years that signals the start of the greatest athletic competition in the entire world. In celebration of this monumental event, Comcast NBCUniversal threw a party to watch and showcase all of the ways that their latest technologies can enable the greatest viewing experience of the games.

The event, on Friday, Aug. 5, was held at Studio Xfinity in Chicago at 901 W. Weed St. It featured refreshments and delicious food, putting everyone in the proper mood to support America, and view the beautiful scene that is the Olympic opening ceremony.

The event commenced with demonstrations of all of the features Xfinity was offering to view the 2016 Games and how each of them offer their own unique viewing experience and benefits.

One featured option to experience the Olympics was through the Oculus Rift, and the Samsung Galaxy 3, all powered by Xfinity. Through the virtual reality goggles, users were taken on a tour of Rio de Janeiro and given an experience that literally made one feel as if they were on the beaches of Brazil.


During the actual Olympic Games, Samsung Galaxy 3 users have the opportunity to watch every event by streaming it on their phone and can use the Oculus Rift to supplement the entire experience, making the viewer feel like they’re in the stands.

Another option offered to experience the Olympics at Studio Xfinity was the Front Row to Rio option.

This allows all Xfinity users to access the perfect, customized Olympic experience. Viewers can choose any Olympic sport to view and have complete control over the events that they want to see. This is available to all users through the Xfinity on Demand section under “Sports.”

Lastly, the X1 Sports App was showcased. Even though it wasn’t used to show the actual event, all the features of it were shown, such as live medal counts, updated data for every event and live results.

By using any of these three means, plus other options offered by Xfinity, any viewer can tailor their Olympic experience to their preferences and not miss a single second of action.

The event, in total, was a smashing success. The food and drinks were fantastic, and the space itself was incredibly beautiful. This Studio Xfinity location is a flagship store for Xfinity, and it shows in the structural beauty of the location.

Xfinity Olympic Event 1

This launch party also gave everyone a fantastic understanding of how Xfinity and NBC are making the Olympics more accessible than ever, and helping bring the world together even more.

The 2016 Rio Olympics run through Aug. 21, and America is the current favorite to come home with the highest aggregate medal count.