Photo: Xfinity

Look at this map. Everything the red touches is Xfinity’s Wi-Fi kingdom.

“But what about that shadowy area not covered in red?”

There are no Wi-Fi hotspots there. You must never go there, Simba.

Luckily for us up here in Chicago, it looks like we’re pretty covered. So covered, in fact, that this week as Xfinity brings Wi-Fi to the 606 and Goose Island, they’ll be surpassing 900,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in the Chicago metro area. Oh yeah—and that’ll also account for Xfinity’s 10 millionth hotspot in the nation.

Check this bad boy out:


Photo: Xfinity

20 years later, Comcast is doing for Chicago what MJ and the Bulls did in the ‘90s: painting the city red. We’re living in an area chock-full o’ Wi-Fi access. And imagine how incredible it would be if the entire nation were so connected as Chicago. We essentially are covered in a blanket of Wi-Fi now that the 606 and Goose Island are taken care of.

Nothing is better than public Wi-Fi. What’s the first question you always ask whenever you’re over someone else’s house? “What’s your Wi-Fi password?” You want to stay connected—in the loop—without burning up all the data on your phone.


Now as long as you’re in the red, you’re covered—and bringing the concept of that Wi-Fi blanket to life is a great idea. Staying plugged in, connected and up to date on these types of technological advances is what keeps cities like Chicago at the forefront of innovative communities worldwide.

Go ahead and work from your laptop at the park. Fire off an emergency work email from your car. Read breaking news as it happens on Twitter while you’re at the ballgame. Stay connected at all times.

Technology and digital literacy are what push us forward as a society. Those red areas could help the digital divide grow closer than ever.

Throwing that red blanket over our nation could be bigger than you might think—here’s to Chicago being a leader in the movement! Here’s to 900k!