OH, SNAP! After launching back in 2011, users weren’t confident Snapchat was going to last, given its somewhat game-like and silly nature. Starting out as occupying teens’ and millennials’ free time, Snapchat has recently gained popularity with major brands, news publications, successful bloggers and entrepreneurs as a way of delivering unedited footage to the public.

Below you’ll find a cohesive list of follow-worthy Chicago snappers who are using this the right way; giving behind-the-scenes looks of their mastermind creations as well as new and refreshed perspectives on the city.

Happy snapping!

Nicole Yeary (nicoleyeary)

Yeary is the founder and CEO of Ms. Tech, as well as 1871’s WiSTEM co-facilitator. Recognized as one of Chicago’s top 100 innovators” and one of 100 most inspirational women, this tech leader uses Snapchat as a resource for connecting other women to capital and community. One word to describe this do-it-all businesswoman? Badass.

Jessica Zweig (jessicazweig)

Co-founder of the sassy lifestyle website Cheeky Chicago, you can count on Zweig to brighten up your day with her uber happy video clips of her bouncing around the city. Advocating the fascinating perks of Snapchat as a business-building phenomena, Zweig uses the social media platform as an effective branding tool, highlighting other up-and-comers of the marketing game along the way.


Maddy Osman (chicagocheapass)

Stuck on the mindset that you should never pay full price for anything, this hilarious blogger shares food, events, advice and life hacks with her followers. She believes that city-living can and should be enjoyed sans major credit card. If you’re looking for a good time in the city on a budget, follow Osman.

Lauren Lehocky (ihadabiglunch)

Lehocky is a certified personal trainer, blogger and manager at lululemon athletica. Sharing recipes and workouts on her snaps, she shows fellow health and fitness nuts that working out and eating healthy don’t have to be so rule-based and serious.

Chicago Food Authority (chicagofood)

Would any Chicago list be complete without a food guru? Chronicling her food adventures in the restaurants and on the streets all around Chicago, this exquisite food photographer captures almost too perfect images of delicious plates. If you thought her Instagram was impressive, you’re sure to fall in love with her mouth-watering snaps.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.55.48 AM

No allowance for editing, cropping or sharpening, there’s something very raw and futuristic about this quick and visual story-telling platform. Whether you’re an artist, a creator of a startup or just a regular Joe, Snapchat is fair game for anyone wanting to express themselves.

If you have yet to jump on the snap wagon, these clever influencers are a good start to your Snapchat undertaking. If nothing else, it’s a unique way to stay in touch with friends and keep you laughing along the way.

And if you’re looking for more details about what’s going on in and around Chicago, go here.