Photo: Twenty20 / @keelxy

By Bethany Ao

Speed continues to be the name of the game in the latest installment of the Fast and the Furious” franchise.

In “The Fate of the Furious,” Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez) are on their honeymoon in Cuba, when our favorite former criminal is summoned by a mysterious woman, Cipher (Charlize Theron). Before Dom’s team can even react, he disappears into Cipher’s dangerous world of cybercrime, much to Letty’s disappointment and confusion. Letty and the rest of the crew chase Dom and Cipher across the world, hoping to stop them from starting a world war and get answers from their leader before it’s too late. Featuring heart-stopping race scenes in Cuba and Russia, flashy cars for automobile lovers and plenty of explosions for action fans, the return of this wildly popular movie franchise will have viewers’ pulses racing the whole time.

Even though you may not be driving your car at 200 mph down Lakeshore Drive anytime soon, there’s another aspect of your life that can probably use a healthy dose of speed – your Wi-Fi.

At an advance screening of “The Fate of the Furious” in downtown Chicago last Tuesday evening, fans learned that Xfinity delivers the fastest Wi-Fi around, at one gigabit per second. That means you can download a six-gigabyte movie in just 40 seconds.

Attendees of the private event held at ArcLight Chicago (1500 N. Clybourn Ave.) enjoyed beer and wine, as well as delicious hors d’oeuvres. There was also a themed photo booth that featured a custom “Fast and the Furious” design.

The movie itself proved to be a crowd-pleaser, eliciting gasps and laughter from the audience.

“I liked that there was a lot of humor throughout the movie,Sam Park, an audience member, said. “The movie was ambitious about the action and it delivered.

Comcast holds events like this screening to reward its customers and demonstrate new technology in Chicago. In the past, they’ve screened “The Secret Life of Pets,” brought in Cubs and Sox players for an autograph signing and hosted a Harry Potter themed party. These events are great places for people to mingle with their friends and check out some new gadgets.

So if you left the theater wishing that your Wi-Fi could be half as fast as Dom’s Dodge Charger, Xfinity’s got your back.