About us

You love tech and us here at theideaforge.com who love tech just as much.

So, you being here with us right now is a marriage made in heaven.

theideaforge.com promises to deliver unbiased and comprehensive analysis of all the latest tech, devices, and gadgets that you might be considering to add to your own personal collection.

We will be working tirelessly to bring originality of thought, and a thoroughly detailed overview of what technology is out there in the world today, and how it may or may not be a benefit to you, the consumer.

Our Mission

The internet is awash with websites bombarding you with images of the latest technology and telling you that if you don’t buy what they are peddling your life as you know it may as well be over.

The marketplace has become all about the hard sell, with ALL CAPS descriptions shouting at you that this piece of equipment has the VERY BEST features.

But how do you know what is real, and what is just a marketing ploy?

Who is going to tap you on the shoulder and stop you from making a mistake and wasting your money?

That’s where we come in.

Our mission is simply to be that steady friend who tells you to stop, consider the facts, and then make an informed decision.

Our Approach

At theideaforge.com we are looking to wade through the hyperbole; filter through the trash; and, with our knowledge of what’s good and what’s not, help both the tech-savvy and the technophobes find the technology that matches their needs.

If you’ve ever read through the specifications of different devices and machines, then you know it can be a mind spinning experience.

Our approach is to focus on the little details you might have missed, and help you avoid the common mistakes people make.

Take projectors for example – how many people buy a fantastic projector only to find they hadn’t checked the optimum placement distance, and then they don’t have the space in their room?

Or printers – isn’t it annoying to buy a printer that jams after a couple of weeks because you did not know they have a monthly duty cycle and your printing load already hit it?

And how about webcams – wouldn’t you like to save extra money finding a webcam that doesn’t have the brand recognition but does exactly the same job, with exactly the same features as something more expensive?

We are here to help you with all these things, whatever the technology you are looking for.


Our Writers

Here at theideaforge.com we have some of the most knowledgeable tech writers whose sole mission is to take you on a short journey through different products.

Gain insight from some of the most tech savvy minds on the internet, to ensure that you aren’t left with a piece of technology that has you scratching your head a week later thinking, “Why on earth did I ever purchase that?”

Our writers are not here to sell you an item – we are not salesman. What we are is a guiding light, helping you to avoid a tech disaster and ushering you towards the very pieces of technology that we would spend our own money on.

Why trust us?

We’re not going to tell you that we are better than this site or that site, or that we are more trustworthy than whoever else is doing the same job that we are doing.

All we can do is prove to you through our work that we know what we are talking about and we really do have the consumer’s needs first and foremost in our hearts.

Just like you, we are consumers. We see this website as a chance to come together as a community and make sure that we all benefit from what is out there, and that we all can make the most of the advances that are being made each and every day in the tech world.

We want to be here for you for a very long time, and the only way to be successful is to be honest and show care about what we do.

It is our hope that you will find what we do useful and stay with us throughout this adventure we find ourselves on.