Best Bluetooth Headset for Office 2023

We live in a digital world, and that comes with its own necessities. One of them is a good Bluetooth headset for your work, so you are heard loud and clear and able to listen to what others have to say.

You want to make sure that you are comfortable, practical, and not tied down. All the factors mentioned play a significant role in ensuring that you can excel at what you do.

That is why you must pick the right headset for you. This list of best Bluetooth headset for office will aid you in precisely that.

Our List Of Top Bluetooth Headset For Office

Comparison Table For Top Bluetooth Headset For Office



Trucker Bluetooth Headset

  • DECT technology: No
  • Type of Headset: Mono
  • Form of connectivity: Bluetooth

TaoTronics Trucker Bluetooth Headset

  • DECT technology: No
  • Type of Headset: Mono
  • Form of connectivity: Bluetooth

Plantronics CS530 Headset

  • DECT technology: Yes
  • Type of Headset: Mono
  • Form of connectivity: DECT (wireless)

YAMAY Wireless Headset

  • DECT technology: No
  • Type of Headset: Mono
  • Form of connectivity: Bluetooth

CS520 Wireless Headset

  • DECT technology: Yes
  • Type of Headset: Stereo
  • Form of connectivity: DECT (wireless)

Mpow Bluetooth Headset

  • DECT technology: No
  • Type of Headset: Stereo
  • Form of connectivity: Bluetooth

YAMAY Bluetooth Headset with Microphone

  • DECT technology: No
  • Type of Headset: Mono
  • Form of connectivity: Bluetooth


  • DECT technology: Yes
  • Type of Headset: Mono
  • Form of connectivity: DECT (wireless)

Mpow MS Pro

  • DECT technology: No
  • Type of Headset: Mono
  • Form of connectivity: Bluetooth

Bluetooth Headset 5.0

  • DECT technology: No
  • Type of Headset: Mono
  • Form of connectivity: Bluetooth

Best Bluetooth Headsets for Office Reviews

1. Trucker Bluetooth Headset | Best Softphone Headset

Don’t let the Name misguide you – this headset is perfect for all environments.

You are presented with a charging base when you open the box. This conveniently gives you a place to store the headset and charge it at the same time. With the addition of the charging base, this headset becomes quite practical.

All the products on this list will have one substantial feature: the highlighting point of the product.

In Trucker’s case, it is the headsets exceptional noise-canceling microphone. Regardless of your location, the headset blocks out the surrounding sound marvelously. It puts you at the center of attention, making sure that you are heard crystal clear.

Since the headset connects via Bluetooth, you can take calls on your phone and still sound good when you are on your laptop. This gives the headset great versatility in terms of situations it can be used in.

The only minor shortcoming is that your ears may hurt after prolonged use. However, when you couple that with all the features this headset offers and how practical it is, it is a mere scratch.

So, if you are in the market, looking for a good headset and are ready to try a new name, this headset should be in your office headsets to consider.

Highlighted Features

  1. An excellent noise-canceling microphone makes your audio output crystal clear.
  2. Charging Base gives you a convenient storage area for the headset while charging it.
  3. Being lightweight, the headset doesn’t bring bulk.
  4. Having a mono headset allows you to be aware of your surroundings.

2. TaoTronics Trucker Bluetooth Headset | Best Bluetooth Headset For Pc

The trucker tag seems to be a trend, but rest assured that just like our last entry, this headset is also great for everyday use.

Features include a well-padded soft ear pad, a 270-degree rotatable microphone, and an anti-slip pad. This combination provides an enjoyable experience.

Once again, we are given a lot of versatility with this headset’s Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. This version of Bluetooth offers superior range and stability.

This headset’s microphone excels, blocking up to 96% of all extraneous incoming noise.

If you are one of those who like to also listen to some music and want to do it with this headset, then you are in luck. Along with being comfortable and offering a great mic, this headset also provides a useful audio input for all your music needs.

The one thing that makes this headset stand out is the fast charging. This gives you another reason not to worry about the quality of your experience. With fast charging, you can quickly charge your headset back up and then use it again. You will not have to worry about neither the battery nor the charging rate.

Highlighted Features

  1. Fast charging lets you quickly recharge your headset without having to worry about anything.
  2. The headset offers excellent comfort, making it ideal for long sessions of work.
  3. A mute button allows you to quickly mute and un-mute your self.
  4. Excellent battery life means these are perfect for continuous use

3. Plantronics CS530 | Best Bluetooth Voip Headset

With the CS530, we get a familiar face and a priceless experience in the form of Plantronics.

CS530 is the least intrusive headset on this list, as it doesn’t have a proper headband. It is quite a lot more portable.

The CS530 brings with it DECT support. This means that this headset offers superior range and encryption compared to standard connectivity methods like Bluetooth.

You get up to 350 feet of range. Yes, you heard me, right! It’s just one of the perks of buying a known brand.

There is no need to worry about microphone quality. The mic works well even when you walk away from the station/device you are connected to. This includes working well through multiple walls and even a closed door.

The only minor issue you may face with the CS530 is that of staying in your ear. However, in the box, you get some ear tips. Try and see which works for you, and then you no longer have a problem.

This headset also has volume control and one-touch call end support, making your experience even more seamless.

Highlighted Features

  1. DECT Technology brings with it outstanding range and encryption.
  2. The headset is not intrusive and so lets you work without distraction.
  3. Premium wideband audio provides an audio experience that stands out from the rest.
  4. Volume control and one-touch call end make your experience more seamless.

4. YAMAY Wireless Headset | Best Bluetooth For Business

The Yamay headset comes in as the 4th entry on this list, you may not have heard about them before, but they are of fantastic quality.

Like the 1st entry, you get a charging station out of the box. This accessory alone makes your experience with the Yamay better. You have a way to charge and store your headset in one.

We all know how important battery life is when it comes to working. You want to sit there for hours on end and have your headset dying as the least of your worries.

The Yamay does not disappoint in that department, featuring outstanding battery life.

The comfort factor also allows you to use this headset for hours on end. With well-padded ear cups, you don’t have to worry about ear fatigue or headaches.

The whole point of owning an office headset is to talk to your clients while sounding good. If you are working from home and want to isolate your voice from the noise around you. Working in a loud environment, Yamay will not fall short on your needs.

Highlighted Features

  1. Noise Cancelling mic isolates your voice from your loud environment
  2. Excellent battery life allows you to attend long meeting sessions
  3. You are given a place to store and charge your device differently with the charging station provided in the box.
  4. A high comfort factor makes headaches due to discomfort the least of your worries.

5. Plantronics CS520 | Best Wireless Headset For Softphone

This is the only stereo (two eared) headset on this list, making the CS520 the most versatile headset in terms of use. You can use it for calls and listen to music with unmatched sound quality.

This headset also features DECT  technology. You can go up to 350 feet away from your desk and enjoy the best sound quality any headset has to offer.

There seems to be a trend with Plantronics headsets. They offer supreme comfort and outclass their competitors. That trend continues with the CS520.

You are cocooned in comfort with the CS520. With a well-padded headband and very comfortable ear pads, you are getting a top of the line experience.

Battery life only improves your already considerable experience with this headset. It has up to 9 hours of use on a single charge. Even after those 9 hours, you won’t face any fatigue.

It even has a sort of battery saving! Which other Headset offers you that? I don’t see any here.

The CS520 takes care of your style, with a stylish magnetic base charging station that shows off your great headset and allows you to charge it up quickly.

Highlighted Features

  1. Being a stereo headset, it is the best option in terms of audio quality.
  2. A great noise-canceling mic makes you shine in the spotlight.
  3. Good battery life, coupled with battery-saving, further improves your experience.
  4. The headset offers excellent versatility allowing you to use it in a lot of different scenarios.

Top Bluetooth Headset for Office Buyer’s Guide

Whenever you are buying a product, some factors influence your decision and help guide you. Here are some that will be of great help when choosing the best office bluetooth headset.

1. Sound Quality 

Sound quality is an essential part of the equation. It is a pair of headphones you are buying after all!

It is both vital that you make sure you can be heard, and also that you can listen to the other person talking. When using a Bluetooth headset, you should be able to do so with ease. Straining your ears to hear is unacceptable.

Think about it from a usage perspective as well. If the headset has outstanding sound quality, it can be multi-purposed. Why just use it for calls? An excellent headset can be used to listen to music as well.

2. Range

What is the overall purpose of owning a Bluetooth headset? It’s because you don’t want to be stuck in one place at the mercy of a series of cords. Wireless connectivity is the key because you want to move around during a conversation with clients. Having a high range on your headset allows you that opportunity. You will be able to roam unhindered and not limited to a single confined space.

3. Microphone Quality

Microphone quality is another critical factor in making sure that your headset helps you thrive. You do need to be heard clearly by the person at the other end, right? Something misheard due to the poor quality of the microphone could have a devastating impact if it results in the wrong actions being undertaken. A great microphone will isolate the noise around you, making you the center of attention. Not whatever sounds are attempting to steal the show around you.

 4. Battery Life

Sometimes conference calls can last hours. Or perhaps you have client after client on a hectic workday. Whichever it is, the last thing you want is your headset dying. That’s precisely why you should make sure that the headset you are buying has a great battery life. This will give you the confidence to focus on the call, rather than worrying every two minutes about whether your headset’s battery is about to betray you and die.

Final Word

This list of best Bluetooth headset for office has a couple of options to choose from.

If you are looking for a new experience coupled with an excellent noise-canceling mic, then the 1st and 2nd entry on this list are great options.

If you want a little more comfort, then go for the Yamay.

For a top-notch experience, then any of the Plantronics options would be a fantastic choice.

Finally, if you’re going to multi-task a bit, you can’t get any better then the Plantronics c520.

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