Best Bluetooth Headsets for iPhone 2023

We all know that even though Apple, or more specifically, the iPhone, may not be the first to something, they do set a new standard when they eventually catch up with other brands.

If you are entertained by the idea of being able to take calls and listen to music on your iPhone anywhere, at any time, while keeping your hands free, then it would be best if you got yourself a Bluetooth headset.

Many might fit the criteria for being a Bluetooth headset. Still, only a few are worthy of being called the best Bluetooth headsets for iPhone. This list includes those chosen few.

Our List Of Top Bluetooth Headset for iPhone

Comparison Table For Top Bluetooth Headsets for iPhone




  • CVC support: No
  • Stereo or mono: Mono
  • Bluetooth Version:1

Mpow Pro Trucker

  • CVC support: No
  • Stereo or mono: Mono
  • Bluetooth Version: 2.1

Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece V4.1

  • CVC support: Yes
  • Stereo or mono: Mono
  • Bluetooth Version:4.1

Beartwo Lightweight

  • CVC support: Yes
  • Stereo or mono: Stereo
  • Bluetooth Version:4.1

Bee Bluetooth earpiece V5.0

  • CVC support: Yes
  • Stereo or mono: Mono
  • Bluetooth Version:5.0


  • CVC support: No
  • Stereo or mono: Mono
  • Bluetooth Version:5.0

Bluetooth Headset 5.0

  • CVC support: Yes
  • Stereo or mono: Mono
  • Bluetooth Version:5.0

Bluetooth Headset 16Hrs HD Audio

  • CVC support: Yes
  • Stereo or mono: Mono
  • Bluetooth Version:5.0

DuoTen Waterproof Wireless Earbuds

  • CVC support: Yes
  • Stereo or mono: Mono (one for each ear)
  • Bluetooth Version:5.0

Creative Outlier Air

  • CVC support: No
  • Stereo or mono: Mono (one for each ear)
  • Bluetooth Version:0

Best Bluetooth Headsets for iPhone Reviews

1. FOCUSPOWER F10 | Best Bluetooth For iphone

If you are an avid listener of music and someone who does not like big headsets wrapped around their heads, then the F10 would be ideal.

Due to their size, these headsets are quite practical. They are big enough to satisfy your needs with ease, but small enough not to make you look ridiculous.

Featuring EDR technology, the F10 can connect to the device they have paired to from up to 33 feet away. This means you don’t have to stick close to your iPhone.

All of us iPhone users may not like having to carry a separate charging cable just for your earphones. Fortunately, that is something you don’t have to worry about with this product.

Since they have magnetic inductive charging, all you need to do is carry around a small USB stick that is provided with the product. Plug the USB into any USB slot and place the headset on the stick. They will automatically position themselves on it with magnets.

The playback time of these headphones is between 7-8 hours. This can get you through long journeys, or a day of intense work listening to some calming tunes.

Highlighted Features

  1. Excellent sound quality gives you an incredibly immersive experience.
  2. The convenient charging method means you don’t have to worry about carrying multiple cables.
  3. EDR technology means you can connect to your device from up to 33 feet away.

2. Mpow Pro Trucker | Best Bluetooth For iphone 7

I can confidently say that the Mpow Pro Trucker is hands down one of the best wireless headsets you can get for your office, especially at this price tag.

If you have ever owned an Mpow headset, you know what to expect; an excellent noise-canceling microphone and a very comfortable build. If you haven’t tried one, it’s about time you do.

Having an excellent noise-canceling mic already makes this headset ideal for work environments. However, that is not all they bring to the table. Comfort is one of the headset’s strongest points.

You get a comfortable headband that offers outstanding comfort and a good grip.

In the buying guide, we talked about the importance of battery life, so rest easy knowing that you will not face any battery problems.

With up to 12 hours of playback time, you can talk to clients or attend meetings without worrying about your headset dying mid-way and making you feel awkward.

Highlighted Features

  1. A good microphone means that you will leave a good impression on others and be heard clearly.
  2. With 200 hours of standby time, you don’t need to worry about the headsets charge after leaving It on your desk.
  3. Excellent audio output and brilliant input mean you can listen to music and have an enjoyable experience.
  4. Due to the headset being lightweight, it does not feel bulky on your head, nor does it cause fatigue.

3. Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece V4.1 | Best iphone Headset

This headset does not have a headband but still gives a lot of importance to noise-canceling, which makes it ideal for work.

One things that will immediately stand out with the earpiece is undoubtedly the battery life. With up to 7.5 days of standby time, you can use them, put them back in the box, and then come back after a week and still have charge left.

As I said earlier, the noise canceling is given a lot of importance here. This means that you no longer have to be in a “quiet” place to attend calls. You can be wherever whenever and not be inhibited in any way.

If you are purchasing a headset for work, you don’t want it to cause any fatigue, especially if you are someone who can not get earphones to fit or stay in your ear.

That is not a problem; in this case, you get three different sizes to provide you with a fatigue-free experience while staying in your ear.

If you happen to be a user of Siri, you will not be disappointed as you also get Siri support with this headset.

Highlighted Features

  1. Excellent noise-canceling mic; you are not limited to a “quiet place” and can take calls anywhere anytime.
  2. Up to 7.5 hours of standby means that you don’t have to worry about charging the headset.
  3. Three different sized ear tips, which means you can get the right fit for you.

4. Beartwo Lightweight | Best Bluetooth Headset For iphone 6

The term “Perfect” is synonymous with this headset. Along with getting a stereo headset, you get a sturdy neckband design, giving it a good grip and excellent sound quality.

Even though it has a neckband design, this headset is quite practical. You can fold it and place it in the case that comes with the box. This protects it from scratches and provides you a storage compartment.

Due to excellent noise canceling, you can zone out and focus on whatever you are doing. You could sit next to a crying baby on a train and be blissfully unaware of all the mayhem going on around you.

The Beartwo features CVC 6.0. Basically, what that means is that it has a Qualcomm certification indicating the noise canceling on the mic is even better as it has specific algorithms built into it.

Another feature that makes this a suitable option for work is the battery life, with up to 16 hours of continuous use. Sixteen hours is a lot, and if you do happen to forget to put it on charge, you don’t need to worry. This boasts a remarkable 300 hours on standby time.

Highlighted Features

  1. The foldable design is effortless to carry around and will not take up much space
  2. HiFi stereo sound quality, bass-heavy for all the bass heads out there.
  3. CVC 6.0 means that the noise canceling on the mic works even better.
  4. APTX means that your audio stability is far greater than standard headsets.

5. Bee Bluetooth Earpiece V5.0 | Best Headset For Making Calls On iphone

If standing out from the crowd is something you like, then the Bee will catch your eye due to the colors it is offered in.

From black to gold, you pick whichever tickles your fancy.

Coming in at just 12 grams, this is a very light headset. That works in favor of this product because it is so light it will not cause fatigue.

We usually expect our headsets to last for what? 6,7, maybe 8 hours? It is time to raise our expectations since this headset boasts an incredible 22 hours of music playback or 24 hours of talk time. This headset can easily see you through the day and night.

With a 60 day standby time, this headset is clearly in a league of its own when it comes to battery. It’s good to know that you can leave your headphones for a few days, pick them up and get straight into things.

Once again, we see dedicated Siri support; this is particularly handy if you are a frequent user of Siri and ask it to do specific tasks.

So with excellent sound quality and a very aggressive price tag, bundled in with a unique option of colors, this one is sure to catch your eye.

Highlighted Features

  1. Incredible twenty-four hours of talk time, putting Bee’s battery in a league of its own
  2. A wide variety of colors makes this a unique headset making you stand out from the crowd.
  3. Light, small, and comfortable to wear.

Top Bluetooth Headset for iPhone Buyer’s Guide

Whenever you set out to buy a product, you want to purchase the best one for you. Especially if that product serves as a tool. Here are some of the points that will help you find your way to the best iPhone Bluetooth headset.

1. Design/Fit:

If we all found the same items comfortable, everything you see in the shops would be uniform. There would be no need for any variety.

You want to get a headset that has the right fit for you and your ears. Check and see if it’s an open ear design that fits your ears better or a closed rubber seal. 

Trust me! Your ears and head will thank you because of the fatigue factor you eliminate by merely picking a headset that works best with your body. 

2. Battery Life:

Having a wireless headset means that you shouldn’t be limited to a particular space, and battery life plays a substantial role in making sure you aren’t.

How often have you had an inferior set of wireless headphones that charge slowly and then suck the battery life with ridiculous speed?

By having purchased a headset with excellent battery life, you don’t need to worry about anything else. Just pick up your headset, connect it, and confidently go about your day knowing your headset isn’t going to let you down.

 3. Purpose

We all use our headsets for different purposes. That is why it is essential to keep in mind the scenarios we will be using them in.

Are you an individual purchasing a headset to work from home or for work in general? Your priorities will be different when compared to the preferences of someone who is buying the headset to listen to music or audiobooks.

Headsets are very technical pieces of technology, and different models have specs that meet separate demands. For example, a headset designed for bass-heavy music may not be ideal for someone who just wants to make serious work calls. 

4. Microphone

Regardless of your motive behind purchasing the headset, having a good quality microphone will always help out. This is especially true if you are buying the headset for work. Having a good microphone will ensure it is your voice and not distracting background noises that come through.

Of course, if you are purchasing the headset to listen to music, a great microphone is just a mini-bonus as you then have the option to chat with people as well.

Final Word

This list of best Bluetooth headsets for iPhone covered many headsets.

If you want a small and straightforward headset, then the first entry on this list is the best option as it has excellent sound quality.

If you want something solely for work, then the Mpow headset is the best choice as it has good noise canceling.

The third entry is for those looking for middle ground in terms of experience between office and music.

The Beartwo is the best headset for music with excellent sound quality.

The last one has a very aggressive price tag and offers a good experience for it.

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