Best D-link Routers 2023

Are you tired of a slow and interrupted internet connection while streaming and gaming? Are you looking for a good router that can provide you with the best internet connections so that you can enjoy your online sessions of watching movies and TV shows? Then rest assured, we are going to introduce you to the world of the best D-link routers you will ever find.

There are so many routers out there that can offer you the best internet speeds, coverage, and connectivity that will make your life a whole lot easier. You will no longer be frustrated sitting in front of your device while it shows a poor connection. So let us present to you, the routers which will help you make the most of your investment.

Our List Of Top D-link Routers

Comparison Table For Top D-link Routers



D-Link Wi-Fi Router, AC1200

  • Connectivity technology: Ethernet
  • Number of bands: Dual-band
  • Maximum internet speeds: 2600 Mbps

D-Link WiFi Router AC1700

  • Connectivity technology: Ethernet
  • Number of bands: Dual-band
  • Maximum internet speeds: 1700 Mbps

D-Link DIR-813 AC750

  • Connectivity technology: Wireless
  • Number of bands: Dual-band
  • Maximum internet speeds: 3150 Mbps

D-Link AC3150

  • Connectivity technology: Ethernet
  • Number of bands: Dual-band
  • Maximum internet speeds: 2600 Mbps

D-Link Wi-Fi Router Gigabit AC1200

  • Connectivity technology: Ethernet
  • Number of bands: Dual-band
  • Maximum internet speeds: 1200 Mbps

D-Link Wi-Fi 6 Router AX5400 (DIR-X5460-US)

  • Connectivity technology: Ethernet
  • Number of bands: Dual-band
  • Maximum internet speeds: 5.4 Gbps

D-Link Wi-Fi router N 300 (DIR-605L)

  • Connectivity technology: Wi-Fi Built-In, Wi-Fi Ready
  • Number of bands: Dual-band
  • Maximum internet speeds: 2600 Mbps

D-Link Wi-Fi router, AC2600 (DIR-882-US)

  • Connectivity technology: Wi-Fi Built-In, Ethernet, Wi-Fi Ready
  • Number of bands: Single-band
  • Maximum internet speeds: 2600 Mbps

D-Link AC3200 (DIR-890L/R)

  • Connectivity technology: Wireless
  • Number of bands: Tri-band
  • Maximum internet speeds: 3200 Mbps

D-Link Wireless AC 1200 (DIR-850L)

  • Connectivity technology: Wireless
  • Number of bands: Dual-band
  • Maximum internet speeds: 1200 Mbps

Best D-link Routers Reviews


1. D-Link Wi-Fi Router, AC1200 | d-Link Double Antenna Router

This router is an amazing product that will provide you with superior performance without any compromise. The fast speed Wi-Fi 5 mesh wireless speeds with QoS optimization to remove any lagging, slow Wi-Fi, or interference.

The processor is very powerful as it allows all your online activities to be carried out smoothly. It is an 880 MHz dual-core processor. It has 256 MB of RAM and 128 MB of flash memory. The EXO feature in the router will provide you with a combined speed up to 2600 Mbps!

The router is installed with Smart parental control to keep your children in a safe environment on the internet. This can be done by creating individual profiles for your kids to monitor their activities online for easy management.

The MU MIMO technology in the router allows multiple devices to be connected at the same time and receive data simultaneously. No devices will be on hold when other devices are working efficiently. This will ensure streaming and gaming without any internet issues!

The router also works with voice control such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which will require you to do nothing but command with your voice. With this router, upgrades are automatic, that is so smooth so that you would not even notice it.

Now worried about the setup and management of the router? You will be happy to know that the setup process is very easy and the network can be managed from all your connected devices. Now streaming is not a big deal!

Highlighted Features

  1. Powerful processor to support your online activities
  2. Speeds up to 2600 Mbps
  3. Installed with smart parental controls
  4. Works with voice controls

2. D-Link WiFi Router AC1700 | d-link Router Price

The router is installed with Smart connect technology that will provide you with access to less congested bands for faster internet performance in your connected devices. This will give you a smooth and lag-free experience online when you are enjoying your browsing or YouTube videos.

The router also has Beamforming technology and antennas with high performance which will give you the maximum coverage both inside and around your home. You will get strong Wi-Fi signals from your bedroom to your kitchen without any sort of issues. Your devices will be able to carry out smooth online gaming and streaming without any disturbance at all.

You will be able to use parental controls so that the kids can enjoy safe online gaming. You can make different profiles for the people at your home to maintain the usage of the network.

The router can be set up in a few minutes by changing the settings and then you can easily manage it with the D-link Wi-Fi app without any extra charges.

It has a maximum speed of up to 1700 Mbps so you can do all your online activities without any buffering and connection problems. It also has the MU MIMO feature which will allow you to connect multiple devices at a given time, without any decrease in speed.

It also has a powerful processor to make it easy for you to do all your online sessions smoothly.

Highlighted Features

  1. Speeds up to 1700 Mbps
  2. Installed with Smart Connect technology
  3. Has high performing antennas and Beamforming technology
  4. Installed with MU MIMO for using multiple devices

3. D-Link DIR-813 AC750 | d-link ac1750 wifi router

The router has the Next Generation Wireless technology that gives the best performance and good coverage. It will allow you to stream in HD quality, file transferring in fast speed, and also uninterrupted video calls.

The dual-band in the router will provide you with speeds up to 750 Mbps so that you can do all your online activities, whether you are being productive while completing your project work or watching your favorite singer performing as entertainment. You can do all of it when this router, so that your network remains uninterrupted.

The router is compatible with a/b/g/n devices. You can also use four fast Ethernet ports for connecting your devices swiftly. The wired performance of this router is 10 times faster than the common fast Ethernet.

There are three antennas with high performance to deliver maximum range around your home. The router is suitable for everyday use. You can connect your PCs, mobile phones, tablets, and many more.

The advanced security installed in this router will protect your network and the connected devices from any hackers or malware attacks so that you can experience seamless networking. This will make your job even easier, and you do not have to feel irritated by constant lags and buffering.

Customers gave many positive feedbacks after using the router. One person said “great product for the price” and another said, “works as a router should”.

Highlighted Features

  1. Next Generation Wireless technology
  2. Speeds up to 750 Mbps
  3. Four fast Ethernet ports
  4. 10 times faster than Ethernet

4. D-Link AC3150 | d-link ax routers

The D-link AC3150 is a top-notch product that will provide you with the best Wi-Fi performance with the dual-band to support speeds up to 3150 Mbps. This will also ensure the fastest home network to carry out streaming and gaming.

You will be able to use 1024-NitroQam technology with 4 x 4 data streams for 4K UHD video and online gaming at the same time. The router has a powerful 1.4 GHz dual-core processor that will give you high-performing wired and wireless speeds so that you can enjoy uninterrupted videos and movies.

The MU MIMO technology installed in this router allows Wi-Fi signals to be received by multiple devices simultaneously. This will help you to use more devices without any interruption and complete your tasks smoothly.

Advanced Smart Connect feature in this router will use the best possible band for optimum performance of Wi-Fi. Advanced AC SmartBeam will take note of your connected devices for the best Wi-Fi performance and coverage around your home.

You will receive a seamless connection in your devices with the help of QoS traffic optimization. You will experience buffer-free internet and a high-quality connection in your device. You can easily manage your network from your mobile phone or PC by installing easily. Then you will be ready to rock and roll!

Highlighted Features

  1. 1024-NitroQam technology to support 4K/HD streaming
  2. Speeds up to 3150 Mbps
  3. Higher Wi-Fi coverage
  4. Advanced Smart Connect for connection with the best possible band

5. D-Link Wi-Fi Router Gigabit AC1200 | d-link exo ac2600

The router comes off with a dual-band that will allow you to browse the web using one band and stream using the other one. This will ensure that you use the internet without any disturbance.

The router has high-gain antennas to support more profound coverage throughout your home so that you can connect to your network easily anywhere in your house. The Gigabit ports allow the connection of up to 4 wired devices. Additionally, the 802.11ac wireless specification will provide you with the fastest wireless connection with higher Wi-Fi coverage and reliability.

The internet speed of this router can maximize up to 1200 Mbps to make HD streaming and gaming more enjoyable than ever before. You will get to experience less buffering and a more active internet connection!

The router is installed with an advanced QoS feature to support bandwidth optimization according to the priorities of the customers.

You can use this router as long as you have an Ethernet connection, to entertain yourself more with your favorite TV shows and movies. The DIR-842 is perfect for connecting multiple devices, streaming, and many more at the same time. You can enjoy all of this together with your family just by using this router.

What’s more, the D-link app can be used to set up your router easily, as well as managing the network and you can have access to anything from anywhere with your phone or PC.

Highlighted Features

  1. Dual-band; with each band supporting streaming and browsing separately
  2. Speeds up to 1200 Mbps
  3. DIR-842 supports the connection of multiple devices
  4. Easy setup and maintenance

Top D-link Routers  Buyer’s Guide

Is Dlink a good router? The company has been providing the world with the necessary networking hardware for usage at home and offices. They have been always working on improvement which is leading them to the production of the best routers of D-link. Before you choose a router, there are certain things that you need to jot down, and we will help you to know more about those.

Wi-Fi coverage:

Which D Link router is best for home? A very important thing to consider is where you will use your router, whether it’s at your office or your home. Lower Wi-Fi coverage will be enough for you to do all your internet activities at home. However, if you use it for official purposes, it’s best to consider a router with higher Wi-Fi coverage where the network can travel through wall partitions.

Internet speed:

This might be the primary thing to be considered when you are looking for your router. If you want to buy the router just for checking emails and browsing the internet, you can go for a router with a slower internet speed. However, if you are into gaming and streaming videos in HD quality, then a faster internet connection is essential to save yourself from all the suffering of lagging and buffering. The D-link routers will provide you with the best internet connections.

The number of connected devices:

It depends solely on the number of people at your office or home. The number of people will determine the number of devices connected. So, before you choose your router, make sure to have an idea of the number of devices that will be connected to the network.

Advanced features:

How long do D Link Routers last? Features like MU MIMO, Advanced QoS, Smart Connect, and more are very common in D-link routers. The routers will not only give you the best internet speeds but also make sure the performance of the Wi-Fi is improved when you are using it. This will make your usage of the Wi-Fi network more enjoyable and smooth.


In the modern world, virus attacks and malware threats have become very common. Therefore, your router must be installed with the best security features. This will protect both your network and devices from these threats.


All the routers are first-class products and installed with great features which will help you walk your life more easily. We would not tell you to choose the most pricey one, but we will recommend you to choose the one which fits all the features that you want in your router. So make sure which one you want and spend your money accordingly.

Final Word

In today’s world, using the internet is like breathing. Anytime, anywhere, whether it be for official purposes or at home, for entertainment or productivity, the internet is something we cannot live without anymore. All the work you need to do can be done easily with the best D-link routers.

Before you buy a router, you need to be aware of the features that you want in the router such as speed, coverage, and advanced features. Keeping all of those in mind, choose the one you think is the best and you are good to go!

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