Best Router for 200Mbps 2023

Have you ever been tricked into buying a router that offered you unbelievable internet speed but delivered nothing like what it promised?

A slow internet connection can be a huge predicament and a pain in the neck for most of us. Buying the perfect router can be tricky now in a market teeming with routers of unorthodox designs and features.

A 200 Mbps is a decent, worthwhile speed. But not all routers can handle and maintain the desired speed seamlessly with zero interruption. In this article, we look at what makes a router ideal- after all speed is crucial but should never be the only feature you want to look for in a router.

Later, we review our top recommendation for the best router for 200Mbps internet speed and provide a comparison chart to help you contemplate the options.

Our List Of Top Router for 200Mbps

Comparison Table For Top Router for 200Mbps



Asus AC1900 Router

  • Frequency Band Class: dual band- 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz
  • Data Transfer Rate: 1900mbps
  • Wireless Protocol: 801.11ac, MU-MIMO, Ai Mesh System

Synology RT2600ac

  • Frequency Band Class: dual band- 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz
  • Data Transfer Rate: 2.53 GBPS
  • Wireless Protocol: 801.11ac, MU-MIMO, VPN technology

NETGEAR Combo C6229

  • Frequency Band Class: single band- 2.4Ghz
  • Data Transfer Rate: 1200 Mbps
  • Compatible with all major cable internet providers

Motorola AC2600 Router

  • Frequency Band Class: dual band- 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz
  • Data Transfer Rate: 2600 Mbps
  • Wireless Protocol: 801.11ac wave 2, MU-MIMO, Beamforming technology equipped


  • Frequency Band Class: dual band- 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz
  • Data Transfer Rate: 1700 Mbps
  • Wireless protocol: 801.11ac, MU-MIMO, Beamforming technology equipped

Linksys EA6350 WiFI router AC1200

  • Frequency Band Class: dual band- 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz
  • Data Transfer Rate: 1.2Gbps
  • Wireless protocol: 801.11a/b/g/n/ac

Tenda AC10U Router

  • Frequency Band Class: dual band- 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz
  • Data Transfer Rate: 1200 Mbps
  • Wireless protocol: 801.11ac, MU-MIMO technology

ASUS wireless AC1200 Router

  • Frequency Band Class: dual band- 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz
  • Data Transfer Rate: 1200 Mbps
  • Wireless protocol: 801.11a/b/g/n/ac

ASUS RT-AX56U WiFi router AX1800

  • Frequency Band Class: dual band- 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz
  • Data Transfer Rate: 1167 Mbps
  • Wireless protocol: Wifi 6, MU-MIMO, OFDMA, VPN technology

KING KWM1000 WiFi MAx Router

  • Frequency Band Class: dual band- 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz
  • Antennas: Four antennas
  • Technology: Beamforming

Best Router for 200Mbps Reviews


1. Asus AC1900 Router | Best Modem for 200mbps

First on the list is an ASUS router and you already know what that means- reliability. ASUS AC1900 brings you the ultimate all in one collection with its unbelievable features to make your experience satisfying.

The router is dual-band- this means it uses 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequency. Dual-band routers minimize signal interruption because the 5Ghz band is less crowded. They also allow assigning bands for specific applications and clients which alleviates load from both bands which will save you a lot of frustration when you stream in 4K.

The wireless standard for this router is the latest 802.11AC with MU-MIMO technology along with the two bands ensure a combined speed of 1900 Mbps thus this router will handle 200 Mbps internet speed without the break of a sweat. So you can download your movie, grab the popcorn, and come back to find it downloaded.

It is a high-performance router with 1Ghz dual-core CPU which assigns distinct lanes for WiFi and USB data and thus enables multi-tasking. It has outstanding coverage of up to 3000 sq ft and can handle 30+ devices simultaneously. So throw in a house party and this router will still have your back!

What most users treasure is how the AiProtection powered by Trend Micro provides network security without having to do a lot. It also offers adaptive Quality of Service (QoS) and parental controls. So have all the command over your router at the tip of your fingers while enjoying quality service.

2. Synology RT2600ac WiFi Router | Best Router for Optimum 200

Another exclusive choice for users looking for reliable, seamless speed is Synology’s RT2600ac WiFi router. With a little more money than the previous router, you can afford this router which has been built for speed and reliability.

The first feature we want you to look at is its processor. With a 1.7Ghz Dual-core processor, it guarantees fast processing of data and delivery of output. Its wireless standard is the concurrent 802.11ac and has been reinforced by MU-MIMO technology. This ensures a bolstered connection across multiple devices simultaneously.

This router, like the previous one, is a dual-band router. Dual-band routers work on two frequency bands- 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. The 5Ghz band, being less congested, makes sure that there is minimum signal interference and lag from the faulty connection.

Being a Dual-band, this router also gives users the authority to manage bandwidth across applications and clients. It offers a combined speed of 2.53 Gigabits per second which almost sounds magical. Thus this router can effortlessly handle your requirement of a fast internet connection.

It covers a massive area of about 3000 sq feet but also can be expanded further with mesh WiFi to cover every corner of your home- allowing you to enjoy high-speed consistent connection from your kitchen or from the balcony.

Other amazing features include VPN technology, parental controls and threat prevention to make your internet experience secure and delightful. Thus if you are looking for a frustration-free, consistent, fast and secure connection- this might just be the router for your household.

3. NETGEAR WiFi Router Combo C6220 | Best Router for Spectrum 200mbps

Third, on the list is an absolute money saver because this masterpiece is a single device that is a Modem- router combo. This brilliantly manufactured cable modem with a built-in wifi router is compatible with all popular cable providers including Cox, Spectrum, and Xfinity by Comcast.

This device has been built for speed delivering up to 1200 Mbps internet speed and supporting internet plans up to 200 Mbps. However, unlike previous picks, this is a single-band router operating at 2.4 GHz but still exceeds expectations when it comes to consistency in connection.

Users love the idea of replacing their modems with this two-in-one device which saves them the huge burden of monthly rental fees. This device is a good choice for medium-sized houses because it covers up to 1200 sq ft and 20 devices.

The modem technology has been equipped with a 16X4 channel bonding and DOCSIS 3.0 ensuring superior WiFi connectivity for fast, lag-free video streaming, gaming and browsing.

The router has two antennas and also provides two Gigabit Ethernet ports and 1 USB support for reliable and seamless wired connection to devices. It is easy to set up and works like a charm to provide a reliable experience without causing any hassle. But best of all, it provides fast internet speed without costing you a fortune.

4. Motorola AC2600 Smart WiFi Router

Next on the list is a popular one in the market of routers- Motorola Smart Gigabit Wifi Router. It is well known for its ability to please users for years without hiccups which is why you will also be offered a 2-year warranty from Motorola.

With a contemporary wireless standard of 801.11ac, this router guarantees a reliable connection. It boasts of a high-speed intelligent router link between connected devices and any modem of your choice. With MU-MIMO technology bolstering connection speed, you can connect multiple devices simultaneously without worrying about lag.

This router is a dual-band which means it functions on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies. The 5Ghz band is less crowded because it doesn’t have to compete with other devices at your home. This ensures minimum signal interruption while also giving you the power to control bandwidth across clients.

It has four external adjustable performance antennas that deliver 4X4 connection across both bands which is reinforced by implicit and explicit beamforming technology which allows stronger signal towards the direction you prioritize simply by adjusting the antennas. This results in seamless and fast connection at all times with minimum latency, lag and interruption.

Apart from that, the router is equipped with a 3.0 USB port with a DLNA media sharing support. It also has a Dual-core processor that helps in the rapid processing of data and delivery of service. It’s guest network facility, parental controls, and Quality of service settings provide users extra control over their routers at the tip of their fingers.

5. ASUS RT-ACRH17 AC1700 WiFi Router

ASUS RT-ACRH17 AC1700 router is a smart choice for customers looking for durability and a fast connection. This router comes at a relatively lower price than the first ASUS router we mentioned and yet brings to the table lots of cool features for users.

The router has a Quad-core processor unlike many routers that have dual-core processors- this means the tasks are shared and so data will be processed and the signal will be delivered at a faster rate.

This is yet another dual-band router working on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, easing the load on both bands and ensuring less network traffic and signal interruption across all connected devices while also giving the power to assign bandwidth. It has a combined data transfer rate of about 1700 Mbps and can easily support internet plans of 200 Mbps- this means super-fast internet experience and zero buffering.

The router has 4 fixed antennas with AiRadar Beamforming technology installed which bolsters the connection and delivers extended wireless coverage so you can experience fast internet speed from anywhere at your home. The router also provides parental control, guest networking, and firewall to promote secure networking without loss of data to hackers.

The dual-band is reinforced by the latest wireless protocol- 801.11ac along with a 4×4 MU-MIMO technology that works together to deliver high-speed internet connection across many devices at the same time. So sit back and stream Netflix in one device and download huge files on another because this router got you covered.

Top Router for 200Mbps Buyer’s Guide

Can a better router increase Internet speed? Today’s routers are equipped with many innovative technologies to make your internet experience decent. Many WiFi router users are ignorant of the features their routers offer. Knowing what your router offers can help you make a judgment of the price offered and make a world of difference because you do not want to pay for a feature you will never use.

Here are a few things you should watch out for:

  • Connectivity

What satisfies users the most is seamless, uninterrupted connection for long durations. This is achieved by concurrent wi-fi protocols such as the 802.11ac or Wifi 6 which allow multiple simultaneous connections while keeping latency at a minimum.

Modern-day routers also have powerful processors installed to process data swiftly and deliver output in the blink of an eye.

  •  Speed

How fast is 200 Mbps WIFI? Quite obviously, if you are expecting high-speed internet, you should look for a router that offers the speed you are looking for. The speed you experience will be in line with your ISP, so we recommend going for a router that offers greater than 200 Mbps internet speed.

  • Frequency or Bands

How good is 200 Mbps Internet? A router operating solely on 2.4Ghz Frequency is a single band router. The 2.4Ghz frequency is congested because a lot of electronic devices at your house use the same frequency. So a single-band router is hardly ever a good choice for streaming Netflix or connecting to an online gaming service.

A dual-band router operates on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz radiofrequency. The 5Ghz band is less crowded so latency and interruption of the signal are minimized.

A tri-band router is a better choice but they usually come with high prices. Dual and tri-band routers also give you the authority to assign bands for specific applications mitigating the loads on both bands further ensuring smooth signal

  • Performance

How many Mbps Can my router handle? A high-performance router has many latest technologies integrated into it to satisfy your needs. Performance depends on a number of factors.

Performance antennas enhance the area coverage and work to stabilize the signal. Antennas work best with beamforming technology which allows the user to position the antennas towards the direction they prioritize the connection.

Many recent routers have MU-MIMO technology equipped. What this means is that users will receive stable and consistent connections for long durations across multiple devices.

Routers that offer Quality of Service (QoS) features are treasured among users because this allows users to have control over connection speed across devices.

The presence of these technologies along with a dual or tri-band frequency guarantees the high performance of a router. 

Additional attributes such as Ethernet ports, USB ports, Parental controls, and Wifi Protected Access for secure connection compound to a router’s features for your convenience.

Now that you understand key features in routers, you should be able to distinguish between them and choose the internet best 200Mbps router.

Final Word

The best router for you will never leave a sense of doubt or regret in you after you outfit it for your household. After extensive research, we narrowed down to our top recommendations for the best routers for 200Mbps internet in this article.

Regardless of which router you wind up with, you should always focus on all the features we tried to highlight in the reviews and not just the speed. High-performance routers such as the once mentioned will undoubtedly optimize your internet speed and fortify your connection to make your experience as a daily internet user delightful.

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