Best Router Under 150$ in 2023

Are you looking for a very high-performing router but you don’t have the required budget? Are you confused with which router will be the most cost-efficient for your limited budget? Well, you have nothing to worry about because we will help you to find the best router under 150 dollars.

Routers are networking devices that interlinks all wireless devices and connects them to the Internet. They are extremely essential for all kinds of places where Internet is necessary, be it in a restaurant or in an office.

There are endless price ranges for routers depending on their functions, which makes choosing a good one very difficult. A lot of features need to be considered, and we have done just that to bring you the best routers out there under 150 dollars.

Our List Of Top Router Under 150$

Comparison Table For Top Router Under 150$




  • Frequency Bands: Dual-band
  • Wi-Fi standards: Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)
  • Data transfer rate: 3000 mbps

TP-Link AX1800

  • Frequency Bands: Dual-band
  • Wi-Fi standards: Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)
  • Data transfer rate: 1200 mbps

Linksys AX1500

  • Frequency Bands: Dual-band
  • Wi-Fi standards: Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)
  • Data transfer rate: 1.5 Gbps

TP-Link AC2600

  • Frequency Bands: Dual-band
  • Wi-Fi standards: IEEE 802.11ac, 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency
  • Data transfer rate: 2533 mbps


  • Frequency Bands: Dual-band
  • Wi-Fi standards: 802.11n, 802.11b, 802.11ac, 802.11g
  • Data transfer rate: 1600 mbps

TP-Link AC1900

  • Frequency Bands: Dual-band
  • Wi-Fi standards: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Data transfer rate: 1900 mbps

ASUS RT-AC66U (AC1750)

  • Frequency Bands: Dual-band
  • Wi-Fi standards: IEEE 802.11ac
  • Data transfer rate: 1750 mbps

GL.iNet GL-AR750S

  • Frequency Bands: Dual-band
  • Wi-Fi standards: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac
  • Data transfer rate: 750 mbps

NETGEAR Nighthawk XR300 (AC1750)

  • Frequency Bands: Dual-band
  • Wi-Fi standards: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Data transfer rate: 1750 mbps

Yeacomm 4G LTE CPE Router

  • Frequency Bands: Multi-band (FDD B2/B3/B7/B8/B28
  • Wi-Fi standards: IEEE 802.11bgn
  • Data transfer rate: 150 Mbps

Best Router Under 150$ Reviews


1. Asus RT-AX3000 | Best Gaming Router Under $150

Boasting with the latest Wi-Fi 6 standards, the ASUS RT-AX3000 is one of a kind. The Wi-Fi 6 feature alone boosts the router’s performance to a high level. It will have a much higher speed than the previous standards. In fact, it has a speed of 2402 Mbps on 5 GHz frequency bands, which is 2.7 times faster than the other Wi-Fi 5 routers.

ASUS have their own Wi-Fi Mesh systems based on AiMesh technology. It develops a very strong mesh system, and if there are other AiMesh-enabled routers, a huge mesh network can be created with these routers. The network is can provide high-speed internet for all kinds of places.

The RT-AX3000 has great connectivity features with four high-functioning LAN ports of 1 Gbps. It is also USB 3.0 compatible. ASUS provides its own high-class protection with AiProtection Pro. It is more precise than the normal DNS-based WPA security features and provides enhanced security.

The router has OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology-enabled and that makes it even more powerful coupled with the Wi-Fi 6 standards. Providing great internet connectivity to multiple devices at the same time is a piece of cake! It can also give excellent Wi-Fi coverage with the four external antennae

Highlighted Features

  1. It has the latest Wifi-6 technology.
  2. It has super-power AiMesh technology for strong Mesh systems.
  3. It provides high-level protection with AiProtection Pro.
  4. It has 1 Gbps LAN ports and also USB 3.0 compatible.
  5. It can be configured easily using its mobile apps support.

2. TP-Link AX1800 | Best Wood Router Under $150

With an impressive total data transfer speed of 1.8 Gbps, this TP-Link router has already caught the attention of millions. It has already won Customer Satisfaction awards (the JD Power award) two years and is still going strong. It is a dual-band router, providing speeds of 1200 Mbps on 5 GHz bands only, which is quite impressive.

Like the previous one, this router also has the next-gen Wi-Fi 6 technology. It automatically improves the performance of the router by a million times, starting from much better speeds to better performance in congested places.

 The router has an added boost of OFDMA technology, allowing it to provide sufficient speeds without being affected by the number of devices connected.

The quad-core processor of the router ensures the network is stable and ensures there is no unnecessary time delay. On top of it all, AX1800 is programmed with Beamforming technology helping it to concentrate signals to connected devices.

With the help of four highly-amplifying external antennas and FEM microprocessors, this technology extends the range of the router by an impressive amount. Even the furthest of devices receive very strong signals which makes it very convenient for all kinds of places.

The router comes with advanced WPA3 security protocols and parental control features. It is also very compatible with Alexa.

Highlighted Features

  1. It has the advanced Wi-Fi 6 and OFDMA technology.
  2. It has high-performing quad-core processor for smooth Internet.
  3. It uses Beamforming technology and FEM chips which extends its range.
  4. It won JD Power award twice.
  5. The router has advanced WPA3 security features.

3. Linksys AX1500 | Best Router Under $200

The next router on our list is best known for its Mesh System features. It uses highly advanced Mesh technology which ensures a huge radius of Wi-Fi coverage. It can cover up-to areas of 1700 square feet!

The router can also easily provide excellent speeds to as many as 25 devices simultaneously without any latency of any kind! All thanks to its excellent Mesh Wi-Fi technology.

The Linksys AX1500 comes with a total bandwidth of 1.5 Gbps. Its Mesh system is boosted even more with the Wi-Fi 6 standards. The 802.11ax wireless standards provide impressive speeds and smooth connectivity in obstacle-filled places.

Linksys has given good importance to security. Along with normal DNS server security protocols, advanced features are added to aid them. They’re programmed to update on their own, and “Guest Mode” is available as well for privacy. The router also gives the option for parental controls.

It comes with a total of 3 Ethernet ports which enables great connectivity for wired devices. With the addition of the USB port, sharing of files and a source of external storage can be made possible as well. A Linksys app is available as well, making installation and control very straightforward.

Highlighted Features

  1. It provides a total bandwidth of 1.5Gbps
  2. It has advanced Mesh technology covering 1700 sq. ft.
  3. It has exceptional security features with efficient updates.
  4. It is USB 3.0 compatible.
  5. A Linksys app makes control easier.

4. TP-Link AC2600

Our second TP-Link router on the list is the AC2600. TP-Link just can’t stop impressing their customers. And, why not? Just like the AC2600, which provides a speed of 1733 Mbps only on 5 GHz frequency and a total of 2533 Mbps! It is indeed a very high speed for a dual-band router, given that it also is Wi-Fi 5 technology.

To outperform the outer routers, the TP-LINK AC2600 router uses “Airtime Fairness” and “Smart Connect” technology along with the MU-MIMO technology. These work in a combo to successfully transmit signals relatively clearly, enhancing the performance of the router.

Along with 3 external antenna, this device also consists of an internal antenna, which amplifies the signals extensively. Not only that, it is programmed with the Beamforming technology. These features extend the Wi-Fi coverage immensely.

And it doesn’t stop here! Along with the general security protocols, the TP-Link AC2600 provides a PPTP VPN server option for more privacy and control over networks. The router can be easily installed with the help of the phone app, and it’s also highly compatible with Alexa.

Highlighted Features

  1. It uses “Airtime Fairness” and “Smart Connect” technology with MU-MIMO technology.
  2. It has one internal and three external antenna.
  3. It uses Beamforming technology for focusing signals.
  4. It provides PPTP VPN server options for more privacy.
  5. The router also has a warranty of 2 years.

5. NETGEAR Wi-Fi Router (R6330) – AC1600

Coming with a variety of available connectivity options, the NETGEAR AC1600 is a dual-band router. It is compatible with various versions of Wi-Fi standards which makes it very useful. The router comes with a very notable total bandwidth of 1600 Mbps.

This router is designed for heavy-duty. It can cover a really huge area of nearly 1200 square feet. It can also take on a handful of devices, and provide optimum speeds for all of them at the same time.

NETGEAR recommends up-to 20 devices can be connected at the same time. This is because the router has advanced MU-MIMO technology. The two antenna used are very special and amplifies signals greatly along with QoS. It is very convenient for a large group of people, and suits everything from streaming to just surfing.

NETGEAR takes connectivity to a different level. The AC1600 has high-operating 1 Gbps Ethernet ports. It makes streaming and gaming latency-free and will give you a totally different experience.

There is also a USB 2.0 port. This enables sharing of files and internet connectivity for phones as well. Like all other great routers, the AC1600 focuses on security too. WPA2 security protocols are advanced to also enable Guest modes. It also provides VPN options, and DoS, firewall and other advanced security features are also present in the router.

Highlighted Features

  1. The router can cover up to 1200 square feet.
  2. The router can handle 20 devices simultaneously.
  3. It has high-functioning 1 Gbps Ethernet ports.
  4. Provides extra security features like firewall, DoS, VPN.
  5. It has easy to operate Parental Control options.

Top Router Under 150$ Buyer’s Guide

What is the best inexpensive router? Having knowledge about the product you’re going for is very essential for you. It’s important to know the features that affect the performance and the features that will benefit you. In that way, you have a clearer understanding of why we chose the products on our best under 150 router list and can decide for yourself.

Wi-Fi standards: Which is the best router to buy for home use? Some devices might not even get internet connectivity because they don’t suit the wireless standards of the router! It must be made sure that the wireless standards of the router are the latest out there, but it must also be compatible with all the previous ones. In that way, almost all devices, old or new, can easily connect to the Internet.

Frequency Bands: Which WiFi router has the best range? Routers started off with single bands. It is the networking route used for data transmission. Nowadays, dual-bands are common. This means the router works over frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. If the number of users increases, the router divides the connectivity under these frequencies depending on their distance from it. Thus, the users can surf more smoothly without having speed problems.

The higher the number of frequency bands, the better will be the Wi-Fi coverage. So, it is a very important factor to consider. Right now, tri-band routers are just entering the market, but dual-band routers do the work just fine.

Technology: Routers are programmed with advanced technologies so they can reach the optimum level. It’s essential for the best under 150 router to have MU-MIMO and OFDMA technology. These make Wi-Fi coverage smoother and also enable the router to handle multiple devices simultaneously, making them very cost-efficient.

ASUS routers have their own AiProtection and AiMesh technologies. TP-Link routers consist of the Beamforming technology which can focus signals directly on devices that are connected to the router. There are endless technologies being programmed into routers to enhance their performances.

Speed: The speed of a router is a fundamental point to check while purchasing one. The higher the speed of the router, the better it will perform since it will be covering a larger distance and the devices will receive satisfying bandwidth. Routers with speeds of 1200 Mbps perform great, transferring data at just the right speed.

Security protocols: Without a doubt, the security of a router is a huge concern. Starting from normal virus attacks to hackers, a whole business can collapse due to poor security. Almost all of them already have WPA-2 and WPA security features. It’s better if they also have advanced features like DDoS protection and VPN. A firewall can also be installed, and with regular firmware updates, the routers can be protected from all kinds of malware and trespassing

Router Antennae: Antennae of a router are the main factor in determining the range a router can cover. Different routers have antennas of different numbers and models. Some routers come with four Omni-directional antennas while other routers come with six internal antennas. Different models have different functions of their own, making that router unique by itself. A greater number of antennas increases the range of the router and ensures smooth internet connectivity.

Final Word

Routers are an integral part of wireless communications. All digital, modern devices can’t survive without the Internet, and for that, routers are of major importance. From large shops to small households, a router is imminent with the modem. Obviously, the budget for routers might not be very high for everyone.

Undoubtedly, routers with maximum functions at the lowest prices are preferred the most. Thus, we’ve researched extensively to choose the top 5 best routers and also compared them to other routers for you, so that you can decide on the best router under 150 dollars, according to your purpose and convenience.

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