Best Tablet for Lawyers 2023

A lawyer is a professional person who practices laws and has the knowledge about the law to offer advice and legal supports to someone in legal matters. A lawyer has to perform several activities to embody the legal practices of the country and help us through our legal matters. It often becomes really hard to carry out many works all at once and maintain productivity.

A tablet is the perfect electronic device that can help an attorney to boost his productivity. It can help him to conduct his official duties efficiently and support the clients better. There are several tablets on the market that can help you to improve your works.

Here, we will try to choose the best tablet for lawyers to meet their needs and carry on their legal duties efficiently. If you are a lawyer and looking for a tablet to improve your working performance, this is the right place for you.

Our List Of Top Tablet for Lawyers

Comparison Table For Top Tablet for Lawyers



Fire HD 10 Tablet

  • Processor: ARM Core
  • Ram: 2GB
  • Software: Fire OS

Dragon Touch K10 Tablet

  • Processor: Quad Core Processor
  • Ram: 2GB
  • Software: Android 8.1

Winsing 10inch Tablet

  • Processor: 1.5GHz Quad-Core
  • Ram: 1GB
  • Software: Android 8.1

Lectrus 10inch Tablet 

  • Processor: 1.3GHz Quad-Core
  • Ram: 1GB
  • Software: Android Go 8.1

Victbing Tablet

  • Processor: Quad Core CPU
  • Ram: 1GB
  • Display Resolution: Android 8.1


  • Processor: Quad Core CPU
  • Ram: 1GB
  • Software: Windows 7 or later and macOS 10.12 or later

Parblo A610 Pro

  • Display: 10 x 6 inch
  • Pressure Sensivity: 8192 levels
  • Software: Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.85 or later, and Android 6 or later

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • Ram: 8GB
  • Software: Windows 10Pro

Parblo A640

  • Display: 7.2 x 5.9 inch
  • Pressure Sensivity: 8192 levels
  • Software: Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later

Parblo 10.1 Inches Coast10

  • Display: 10.1 inches
  • Pressure Sensitivity: 8192 levels
  • Software: Windows XP or later and macOS X or later

Best Tablets for Lawyers Reviews

1.  Fire HD 10 | Best ipad for Lawyers

Fire HD 10 comes from the brand Amazon itself. It is the most premium tablet we have right now from Amazon. The purchase unit box comes with the necessary chargers, cables, and some paper works.

It has a budget-friendly design which means it is built on high-quality plastic. The aesthetic is also simple and smooth. It weighs around 500 grams and has 10mm thickness. You also have color options: black, blue or red.

The power button and the volume buttons are located at the top of the device. There is also a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB Type C charging port. You have a memory expanding slot in which you can insert a memory card up to 512Gb in size. The device runs on Fire OS. Which means you will not have Google Play Store. You can download your apps from Amazon Apps Store.

Fire HD 10 comes with a 10.1” full HD Display in the IPS panel. Display resolution is 1920x1080p. It gives you nice and crisp visuals. The panel does not get too bright but is enough to work on a sunny day. The sound quality is also decent and the highest volume can be really loud. The battery backup is great. You can enjoy up to 12 hours of backup in reading, browsing, audios, movies, and so on.

There are two variants of the device: 32 and 64 GB of internal storage. However, each variant comes with 2GB of RAM which is not quite what you want in 2020. The device runs on the new 2.0 GHz octa-core processor. The 2019 release versions are 30% faster than the previous versions. You will enjoy a good performance and speed for your multitasking.

It comes with a 2 MP front camera and a 2MP rear camera. It is not the best quality camera you will find but is decent enough to do Zoom meetings or Skype.

Alexa is a built-in device that works perfectly well. It can boost your productivity.

Highlighted Features

  1. 1” inch Full HD Display panel gives vibrant colour production.
  2. Long battery life for your daily use.
  3. USB-C fast charging support is a bonus in the professional life.

2.  Dragon Touch K10 Tablet | Best Laptop for Lawyers

It is a budget tablet from the brand ‘Dragon Touch’. It can be a good choice for the daily use of a lawyer. It has a great build quality compared to others as it is made from full metal. It feels premium although having budget-friendly specs.

It can give you a good audio experience as they come with stereo speakers behind the device. On the right side of the device, there is a 3.5mm headphone jack, a power button, and a volume rocker.

It comes with a micro USB port for charging. Hence, it does not come with fast charging and other facilities that USB-C gives you. One interesting feature is the micro HDMI port which is rare in a tablet. SO, you can connect it with a monitor directly for video output.

The device comes with a 10inch IPS panel display. It gives a great display for the price. The viewing angle and color reproduction are good. It also gets decent bright if you use it under direct sunlight. The resolution is 1200×800 pixels. So, it does not give you the best resolution experience. However, it is still decent.

One of the key features is that it runs on Android 8.1. It gives you a clean UI and a stock experience. So, you will have a good software experience. The tablet comes with Quad-Core Processor. It is not the fastest chip around. There may be some stuttering if there is not enough available RAM. Talking about RAM, it comes with only a 2GB ram. It can give you a decent performance overall but can lag in multitasking. Another drawback is that it comes with only a 16GB variant. It is not enough if you want to store many applications, movies, music and so. But thanks to the expandable storage, you can increase it up to 128GB.

The tablet also comes with the rear and front camera. Both are 2 megapixels cameras. There is also a flashlight for low-light photography. The 5000mAH battery gives a very good backup.

Highlighted Features

  1. 10-inch bright IPS display improves the media experience.
  2. Android 8.1 gives you fast performance.
  3. Good battery backup for professional use.

3.  Winsing 10 inch Tablet | Best Tablet for Real Estate Agents

Next, we have another budget tablet from the brand ‘Winsing’. It is a budget-friendly Android tablet useful for light multitasking.

The device is processed by a 1.5GHz Quad-Core processor. It is an entry-level chipset that is perfect for light works as a lawyer. But the main drawback is the RAM. It comes with only 1GB of RAM which is not enough for multitasking. If you are willing to do some entry-level tasks with your tablet, internet browsing, emailing, etc., then it can be suitable for you.

It only comes with 16 GB of internal storage. It is enough for downloading apps like Netflix, YouTube, etc. But if you want to store movies, music, and documents, then you can easily expand the storage via a memory card. The device supports up to 128 GB of external storage.

The display panel is decent judging the price. It produces fairly good color production and the viewing angle is also solid. Resolution of 1200×800 pixels will give you a good media consumption experience.

The audio quality of the device is decent. It does not give a stereo experience, but the sound can be tuned really loud. It also has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The device comes with two cameras. 5MP rear camera allows you to take decent pictures and record video. 2MP front camera will be useful for arranging meetings in Zoom, do Skypes.

The battery is easily the strongest side of the device. It comes with a large 6000mAh battery that guarantees you up to 7/8 hours of backup.

Another key feature is the built-in Android 8.1. It is polished software and gives you a great UI experience.

Highlighted Features

  1. 6000mAh battery gives you 7/8 hours of screen on time.
  2. Android 8.1 is an optimized software for improved performance.
  3. Good overall package for the budget.

4. Lectrus 10inch Tablet | Best Tablet for Word Documents

Another budget tablet for our lawyers. This time it is from the brand known as Lectures.

It is a plastic-built device. But the build quality is great and durable. On the side, you have two SIM card options. So, you can call from this device. The micro USB port is available for charging. The device also comes with a headphone jack.

Let’s talk about the outside first. It has a 10inch IPS display. The viewing angle and color reproduction are great. The display resolution is fairly decent comparing it to the price. The display resolution is 1280*800pixels with 171PPI. Overall, the display is great if you are a media consumer. You will enjoy watching movies, internet browsing, or reading articles.

There is a rear 5MP camera that takes average photos and shoots videos. A flash is attached to support photography in low lighting. It is great! The 2MP front camera is not the greatest, but decent for doing Zoom sessions and gets the job done.

Now, let’s talk about the internals. The device is powered by a fast quad-core processor up to 1.3 GHz. You will get fast performance from this device. The device runs on Android Go 8.1. It gives you a smooth, fast, and responsive experience in using your device.

The device comes with only 1GB of RAM. You may face some lags in opening applications. Also, the device has only 16 gigs of internal storage. Thanks to the extra storage option, you can use up to 128GB of microSD card. You can use an OTG cable to connect the device with a keyboard, sound systems, speakers, etc.  The device also gives you a strong battery back-up which is a must for professional life.

Highlighted Features

  1. Ability to use SIM card to make calls.
  2. Vivid display for enjoying media contents.
  3. Overall a great package within low budget.

5. Victbing Tablet

Another great option for you is the Victbing10 inch Tablet from ‘Victbing’. It offers great specs for the daily use of a lawyer.

It is a plastic-built device. Build quality is great. The device comes with a TF card slot and a Micro USB port for charging.

The display is easily the strongest point of the device. It has a 10inch large display with a display resolution of 1280*800 pixels. It is an IPS panel that assures a great viewing angle, up to 178 degrees, and color production. The display is great for enjoying the content and reading e-books.

5MP rear camera gives you decent pictures and videos. However, a 2MP front camera is also helpful for participating in online meetings, Zoom sessions, skypes, etc.

This tablet gives you a great performance with its’ Quad-Core CPU. It runs on Android 8.1 OS. This combination of hardware and software gives you the performance you need overall. The UI is great and snappy with a fast performance from the CPU.

The device comes with 1GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. The RAM management is great. But multitasking can sometimes be slow. 16GB internal storage is not enough for saving your movies and music. You can easily add up to 128 GB of microSD card to meet your needs.

6000mAh giant battery is another key advantage of the device. You easily get 8/9 hours of battery backup. The device also supports 5G and 2.4G Wi-Fi.

Highlighted Features

  1. Vivid display for enjoying media contents
  2. 6000mAh battery easily gives 7 to 8 hours of screen on time.
  3. 4G Wi-Fi support gives better wi-fi connectivity.

Top Tablet for Lawyers Buyer’s Guide

Are iPads good for law school? You need to consider the following areas before buying the best lawyers tablet:

Screen Size and Resolution: Screen size and resolution are important for web browsing, accessing social media, reading articles and e-books. Larger screen size and a crisp screen resolution help to work with documents.

Which tablet is best for work?

As a lawyer, you may also need to do multitasking, editing, etc. Large screen size can really boost your multitasking.

1.  Storage

The storage refers to the amount of space you will have on your tablet to store your files, documents, videos, and so on. You need to consider the storage if you are willing to store a vast amount of files on your tablet.

Some tablets also come with a storage expansion option. It can also be helpful to store more data and information. If your tablet has a memory card expansion option, you can double or triple your storage.

2. Processor & RAM

Processors are the brain of your device while the RAM is the brain capacity to operate all the processes. As a lawyer, you should look for dual-core or quad-core processors as they will give you smoother performance for multitasking and heavy duties.

You should also consider the RAM. The more RAM you have, the more you can open apps at once. A good RAM is essential if you are looking to run multiple applications altogether.

3. Convertibles

It has become the latest trend. You can turn your tablet into a laptop anytime if you want. Many tablets come with an adjustable keyboard that gives you an extra edge in typing. If you have constant typing needs, you may consider the convertibles.

4. Battery Life

It is essential to have a good battery backup for your daily work-life activities. Generally, the tablets in the market give you at least 6 hours of backup. But you can improve the battery backup by turning on the sleep mode when the device is not in use.

We suggest you choose a larger mAH battery while choosing the best laptop for your needs. Also, many tablets are offering

5. Camera

Having a good quality front camera is essential to serve you well in video conferencing, online sessions, do Zoom meetings or FaceTime, etc. The back camera is similarly useful to take great pictures, record videos, and share them with your friends.

6. Connectivity

What is the most powerful tablet?

Before you buy your tablet, make sure it has good Wi-Fi connectivity, 4G support (5G is preferable considering the future technology breakthrough), Bluetooth support, USB-C interface for fast file transfer, and NFC (Near Field Communication).

Tablets are not often used to give or receive phone calls. But if you are fancy, there are few options that serve you the option.

If you carefully all these factors, it will become to make your buying decision. You will also be able to find the best tablet for a lawyer and boost your productivity.

Final Word

Finding the best tablet can be difficult. We have tried to present some of the best tablets in the market that can be the best tablet for lawyers.

We have a suggestion for you. First, analyze what you want from your tablet. If you know what you are looking for, then it becomes easy to choose the best tablet. As a lawyer, you may focus on multitasking.

Then we suggest choosing the ones that have better RAM. If your use is going to be media-centric, then try to choose the ones that have a good display. The choice is up to you!

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