Best Webcam for Linux 2023

With the most recent occurring of crises in our day to day life, we can all agree with the fact that we have learned to find an alternative solution to everything when it comes to working from home, doing online classes, or just spending more of our free time surfing the internet. And with that, operating software like Linux, Windows, and IOS is in high demand as well.

As for Linux, it’s known for having access to source codes which Windows does not have any access to. That’s why an open-source operating system is a preferable choice for having access to so many different software and tools. And that’s where comes the question of whether webcams that we used for various reasons, are compatible with Linux or not.

As different webcams offer different functions with benefits, we have to be careful as to choosing the best webcam for Linux, when it comes down to our work.

Our List Of Top Webcam for Linux

Comparison Table For Top Webcam for Linux



Unzano 1080P HD Webcam

  • Rotation: 360° rotating camera and 180° rotating base
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Resolution: 1080P HD

Angetube 1080P USB Webcam

  • Rotation: 360° left and right, 90° up and down swivel
  • Weight: 10.56 ounces
  • Resolution: 1080P

COSHIP 1080P Webcam

  • Frame rate: 30 fps
  • Weight: 7 ounces
  • Resolution: 1080P

Lifbetter Webcam with Microphone

  • Rotation: 360° rotating camera
  • Weight: 5.3 ounces
  • Resolution: 1080p

Angetube PC 1080P Webcam with Mic

  • Rotation:360° rotating camera and 90° vertical rotation
  • Weight: 5.4 ounces
  • Resolution: 1080p

Aoboco HD Webcam

  • Rotation: 360° camera rotation and the 180° rotation base bracket
  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Resolution: 1080p

EACH AutoFocus Full HD Webcam

  • Rotation: 360° camera rotation
  • Weight: 2.39 ounces
  • Resolution: 1080P

YOHOOLYO 1080P Full HD Webcam

  • Rotation: 360°horizontally and the camera mount is 180°adjustable
  • Weight: 6.7 ounces
  • Resolution: HD 1080P

Spedal HD Webcam

  • Frame rate: 30fps
  • Weight: 7.5 ounces
  • Resolution:  1080p

Spedal 1080P HD Live Streaming Camera

  • Frame rate: 30 fps
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Resolution: HD 1080P

Best webcam for Linux Reviews


1. Unzano 1080P HD Webcam | Best Webcams For Ubuntu

Unzano 1080P HD is a webcam that comes with auto light correction and a wide-angle lens. It has its built-in dual microphone and high-quality streaming camera.

This PC webcam utilizes the Enhanced CMOS image sensor to deliver a 1080P High Definition Image and video. Its optical glass lenses and anti-interference magnetic ring wire gives crystal images for any video call or simply recording videos added with the fact that it has a 30 fps frame rate.

Its auto light correction feature will auto adjust to brightness and balance the white in any light whether it’s dim or way too bright. This gives you the best experience when you are recording. The built-in dual microphone reduces the background noises and lets you hear natural sound instead of any added noise to it.

The focus area of this webcam is up to 10M. The advanced H.264 encoded compression enables high-definition video calls without any issues of poor image quality and high with a full 360° rotating camera and 180° rotating base.

Highlighted Features

  1. High-quality resolution of 1080P
  2. Package dimension of 5.8 x 4.9 x 2.8 inches
  3. A-frame rate of 30 fps
  4. It has a Wide-angle view resulting in no optical distortion from the image
  5. has easy plugin and play connection 2.0 USB

2. Angetube 1080P USB Webcam | Linux Compatible Webcam

This webcam has 1920x1080P resolution, suitable for video calls, online game recording, or online classes. The webcam is equipped with a 2 million pixel and instead of an autofocus set up, it offers manual focus and low light correction. Low light correction and white balance adjustment, stream clear video even in dim light.

The focus ring adjusted to it lets you capture the sharp angles at any distance from the webcam to the one recording with it. Like the previous webcam, this one also has a wide-angle lens which lets you capture a wider range of surfaces. It also has a built-in microphone that captures natural sound on calls and video calls.

The 90-degree field of view PC webcam is enabled you see more during webcam recording. It is also a 360 degree left and right rotatable screen that lets you adjust it to your suitable position. The Angel tube webcam is compatible with Multiple Operating Systems like Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and many more.

Highlighted Features

  1. Video resolution up to 1920x1080P
  2. The webcam provides a wide view angle
  3. Product dimension of 39 x 2.6 x 1.81 inches
  4. 360 degree left and right rotatable and 90-degree swing up and down view angle
  5. The camera requires manual focus

3. COSHIP 1080P Webcam | Ubuntu Compatible Webcam

COSHIP 1080P Webcam is a full HD 5-layer coating lens and full HD camera with a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels, which gives crisp and vibrantly colored. Premium video quality. Its 76 degree wide-angle enables you to watch a wider range of surfaces in recording with this webcam.

This webcam offers auto-focus and facial enchantment features which optimizes the image quality automatically. The low light correction feature helps you to adjust the brightness in dim lighting conditions.

One of its best features is the privacy shutter. You can protect the camera lens by closing the privacy shutter which gives you security as well and opens the shutter cover when you want to record. It stops any possible hackers from violating your privacy.

It comes with stereo audio and built-in dual-mic which lets you record your natural sound and reduces any unwarranted background noises. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and above, Mac OS 10.6 and above. Linux 2.6.24 or above.

Highlighted Features

  1. The package dimension is 5.16 x 3.31 x 2.64 inches
  2. Resolution of 1920*1080 pixels
  3. 76-degree wide-angle camera lens
  4. aukey webcam linux comes with a privacy shutter
  5. Its weight is around 7 ounces

4. Lifbetter Webcam with Microphone | Webcam For Linux Mint

Lifbetter Webcam with Microphone is an HD 1080P Webcam with a Built- 2 stereos omnidirectional microphone specially designed and optimized for professional-quality video streaming. It’s a USB Computer Camera for Live Streaming with a screen size of 2.8 inches. It’s an impressive 110-degree wide-angle rotatable camera with a frame rate of 30 fps.

It has a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels with 110 degrees wide-angle camera lens. It is 360 degrees rotatable and you can adjust it to any angle to record. With a 16:9 widescreen, you will be able to capture videos and record easily with high image quality.

It’s an autofocus camera that can adjust the brightness in dim lighting. And the latest enhanced light technology makes you look more natural and beautiful in front of the camera.

Highlighted Features

  1. It has a resolution of 1080 pixels
  2. The lens screen size of 2.8 inches
  3. Package dimension of 5.51 x 3.35 x 1.61 inches
  4. 110-degree wide-angle rotatable camera
  5. Logitech webcam Linux Weight of 5.3 ounces

5. Angetube PC 1080P Webcam with Mic | Best Logitech Webcam Linux

Angel tube PC 1080P Webcam is USB Camera for Video Calling & Recording with a built-in microphone. This is an HD webcam with a 7-element glass lens that provides striking images with a frame rate of 30 fps.

It comes with stereo audio and gives you the experience of crystal clear audio. This webcam has built-in dual digital noise cancellation microphones that will recover your voice in rich stereo even in a noisy environment.

It has a 100-degree wide-angle lens which lets you record in broader space and catch any bigger surface in the recording with the maximum focal length of 2 millimeters and also it has a 360-degree swivel base with a 90-degree vertical rotatable screen so that you can set the webcam at any angle to record your videos.

With 90 degrees rotatable camera, it will show what your hands are doing when playing games which are highly convenient for gaming streamers. The Angetube webcam can be played live to the vertical screen making it suitable for mobile screens.

The automatic light correction function adjusts the brightness even in dim light conditions. This webcam is specifically designed and optimized for excellent quality video streaming on social gaming and entertainment sites such as Facebook, Twitch, YouTube. It is also compatible with native Linux OS 2.6.24 or later.

Highlighted Features

  1. The resolution of 1920*1080p with a 30 fps frame rate
  2. 100 Degree wide-angle lens
  3. The maximum focal length of 2 Millimeters
  4. Product dimension of 3.35 x 2.05 x 2.8 inches
  5. Linux webcam software can be played live to the vertical screen

Top Webcam for Linux Buyer’s Guide

There is no doubt that many important features and functions should be considered when it comes to purchasing a webcam that is not just compatible with Linux operating system but also able to give the best results with its finest quality.

So in that case, we have to keep an eye on the video resolution, the privacy feature, and microphone quality of the webcam. Taking all these into account then we can further confirm our decision on to what type of webcam we are going for, for which we will have a brief discussion about this very article to make the decision as much easier for you to find the best Linux webcam.

So without any more delay, let’s get right into this.

Video Resolution:

The resolution of webcams gradually starts from 320×240 up to 1920×1080 pixels. But for recording podcasts, you can rely on 1280×720 (720 pixels) resolution which is pretty much common and with an affordable price.

Linux usually supports high definition video resolution so there should not be any issues whether you want to try a 720P webcam or a 4k HD resolution one.

Also to note, when recording any online classes you don’t need wide-angle views so in that case such features won’t be needed. But for workspace recording for any meeting or other important stuff, you might consider a larger angle than usual to capture your workspace surrounding you accurately.  In that case, you can go for a large-angle display feature.

Privacy Feature

Not all webcams come with built-in privacy features or cover protection, which ensures our safety and security to our privacy. But this is an important feature we should be mindful of when looking for a suitable webcam for our day-to-day life activity. Because making sure of online safety while working becomes easier when offers the security features such as camera cover or privacy shutter.


Making sure whether the webcam is compatible with Linux is a sure necessity. As some webcams might not be guaranteed to work efficiently with this operating system. So before making a final choice, it’s a better idea to look up the product configuration and which operating system it works with. Which later can save time and budget.

Low light correction:

Having auto-color and light adjustment is highly important when it comes to choosing a webcam. This feature enables you to adjust the color automatically which makes your image or recording look brighter even in dim light or less bright place. This captures every color and shade of your surrounding impeccably without crisping the image.  

Webcams may come with manual or autofocus, which can be adjusted accordingly. With an autofocus camera, the white balance and color correction will be adjusted by the lens and thus gives the natural looks of everything with perfect colors. You can either chose to adjust them manually or have them done automatically which solely depends on your preferences on such.

Final Word

To keep in mind that more webcams are now being released which Linux supports and works excellently with. And with time webcam functions are being upgraded as well along with the operating system so you can expect highly compatible webcams for this.

Linux operating system does come with huge perks of access to source codes, a wide range of software, and of course different types of tools, but often it can be inconvenient for lack of suitable webcam to work with. And hope this article is able to help you with this kind of situation with a brief view of some of the best webcam for Linux with their important features and functions.

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