How To Connect Beats To A Laptop

In this modern world, using laptops and smartphones is inevitable. And it is even more unavoidable that you will not listen to your favorite music on your device, whether it is when you are editing your documents or in your free time. Even if you are not a music person, you might want to have a thrilling gaming experience.

If you are conscious enough about your audio experience, you might have already had your hands on a brand new pair of Beats headphones! Beats will help you to enjoy the best audio qualities.

However, what you have to do first, to experience the wonderful sound qualities, is connecting the Beats to your laptop. The paring process of the laptop and headphones is easy. Rest assured, because all you have to do is follow the steps given below!

How To Connect Beats To A Laptop

Laptops are the device we choose to do all kinds of work on. So we expect that you would want to connect Beats to your laptop. Thankfully, Beats is easy to work with, so it won’t be a big deal to pair the devices.

First of all, make sure you have turned on the Bluetooth connection. Keep the headphone and laptop close together so there is a good connection between them.

1. Switch The Headphones On

The first thing you have to do is turn the headphones on. If you have connected Beats to your laptop previously, you just have to pair up the devices.

If it is your first time connecting Beats to your laptop, you have to activate it, which differs a little depending on the different models of Beats.

Beats Flex

Connecting to Beats flex is nothing complicated. Just press down the power button, and you will observe an indicator light flashing. Then you can release it.


Take out the left earbud from the case and press down on the button on it. You can release the button as soon as the light flashes.

Powerbeats Pro

For the Pro version, you have to keep the earbuds in the case. Press down the button inside while keeping the case open. Once the light flashes, release the button.

Solo Pros

For this model, you have to press down the ‘Mode’ button that is present on the left earcup. This button also works as the ON/OFF button. It also works as the button to turn on the feature to cancel out the surrounding noise as well.

Solo3 Wireless & Studio3

You have to press down on the power button for approximately 5 seconds for both the models. The five lights underneath will flash when you do this. You will have to release once the light flashes.

2. Connect to Bluetooth

Once that you have activated the headphones, the next step is to connect to Bluetooth.

To connect to Bluetooth, you must ensure that the headphones are close to your laptop. Also, keep in mind that the laptop needs to be unlocked for the pairing to work. Head to the Bluetooth option and connect. The process of connecting will differ for Mac and Windows.

To connect with Mac

On Mac, you will find a magnifying glass located on the top right corner of the screen. Type ‘Bluetooth’ and select it once it appears. You can also find it under ‘System Preferences’ on your Mac.

After turning the Bluetooth on, you will see all the nearby devices that have Bluetooth connections. Once you see the Beats on your screen, click on it and the devices will pair up in no time! You might get asked for a passcode at this stage, don’t freak out. Just type “0000” and you are good to go!

To connect with Windows

On Windows, simply click on the ‘Start’ icon at the bottom left corner of the screen. Search ‘Bluetooth’ and you will find “Bluetooth and other devices settings” and select it.

Now pair up the Beats with your laptop once it appears on the list of nearby devices. You can enjoy all the things with amazing sound qualities!


You might want to disconnect Beats from your laptop, either to connect your laptop to another device or if you don’t want it to remain connected. In that case, you will be able to disconnect it permanently or temporarily, depending on your choice.

Disconnecting Beats Temporarily From Your Laptop

The process of disconnecting Beats temporarily is quick and simple. You can either turn the headphones off or turn the Bluetooth on your laptop off. You can also pair up any other devices you want to connect to your laptop, that too will disconnect the Beats temporarily.

Disconnecting Beats Permanently From Your Laptop

To disconnect Beats permanently from any Windows device, click on Beats and then select the option ‘Remove Device’.

If it is a Mac device, then right-click on your Beats, then click on the ‘Remove’ option. You can also click on the ‘X’ icon which is right next to its name.

How To Reconnect Beats on Your Laptop

Once you have disconnected your Beats from your laptop, you might want to reconnect it again.

At first, turn on the Beats. If you have connected your Beats to your phone or any other devices in the meantime, make sure you have disconnected from that device first. You can do that by unpairing from that device, turning the Bluetooth off, or removing it from the Bluetooth range.

Turn on the Bluetooth of your laptop now and repeat the connecting procedure.

What Should I Do If The Beats Do Not Pair?

This might be the question you are looking for an answer to. Your Beats may not be connecting to your laptop. This could happen for a few reasons, but you can fix it with a few guidelines.

1. Ensure A Good Bluetooth Connection

The first thing you want to make sure of is that the Bluetooth is on and is within the zone. Even if it is so simple, the majority makes a mistake on this part.

Make sure that the Beats are close to your laptop that you want to connect it with so that it is in the Bluetooth range. It might get disconnected if you go to the kitchen, which is at the end of the hallway, for a sip of water. Therefore, maintain a close distance between the devices.

2. Restart Your Device

If you are still being unable to connect to Beats after checking the Bluetooth connection, you may try again by restarting both devices. After that, try to pair them up. Sometimes restarting your device can solve a lot of issues.

3. Reset Your Device

A factory reset can do wonders when it comes to devices. If you factory reset your Beats, it will act just as it is brand new. It will remove all the previous data and connections, so you will have to repeat the connecting process.

Before you go for the reset, check which model of Beats you have and research on how to do the reset for that particular model. You do not want to mess up your precious Beats!

4. Contact Beats Support

If none of the above methods are able to help you connect to your Beats, the situation might be complicated. This is where Beats Support comes in, and they will certainly be a help to you.


Headphones are an everyday necessity in our lives today. It will bring some extra color to your life if the experience of headphones starts with Beats.

There are different processes of connecting Beats to iOS, Android or Windows devices. However, we believe that we could help you out with some tips and tricks as to how you can avoid any trouble connecting to your Beats and have a great experience with it.

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