How To Connect PS4 To Laptop Without TV

Games have been the main source of entertainment for kids for many years. In recent years, games have been developed and now even adults are playing games when they want to take a break from life.

Gaming consoles, like PS4, are one of the best out there, which is obvious to you if you are a big fan of video games. PS4 gives you the best experience of gaming with high resolution and top-notch speeds on a TV, while you relax on your couch after going through a hectic day.

However, it may be difficult to manage access to a TV anytime you want if you live with many people and you may be added to the huge waiting line of people that never ends until 2 in the morning.

So, today we will let you know how you can connect your precious PlayStation without a TV! Yes, you read that correct, instead, you will be able to connect the PS4 with your laptop and enjoy gaming in your room peacefully.

Connecting PS4 To A Laptop Screen

One of the ways to connect a PS4 to a laptop is using HDMI, but it involves some steps as they cannot be connected directly due to both the HDMI ports being output interfaces.

If you want to connect the two devices via HDMI, you can follow the steps described below.

Connecting PS4 To A Laptop With Remote Play

This tool comes with the PS4 and if you have one, you already know. This allows you to play games on your laptop. This method of connection does not involve the usage of an HDMI cable, so this is one of the most common and efficient methods. For this method, you will need the following-

  •  A laptop
  •  The PS4 gaming console
  •  A broadband internet connection with high speed
  •  A PlayStation Network account
  •  A USB cable or DUALSHOCK 4 USB wireless adaptor
  •  PS Remote Play app
  •  A DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller or Dual Sense controller 

When you get all the things ready on the list, let nothing stop you and start working immediately!

  •  Download and install the latest version of the app ‘Remote Play’. Make sure to choose the version compatible with your respective Windows or Mac devices
  •  Turn the PlayStation 4 on and go to Settings. Go to ‘PlayStation Network’, look for ‘Account Management’ and then allow ‘Active As Primary PS4’
  •  Update the software using ‘System Software Update’
  •  Head to Settings once again, and search for ‘Remote Play Connection Settings. Enable this and make sure your PS4 is on during this time
  •  You can save the power of your PS4 by going to ‘Power Save Settings’ and select ‘Set Features Available In Rest Mode’
  •  Now, allow the ‘Enable Turning On PS4 From Network’ option
  •  Open the Remote Play app on the laptop. Go to Settings and modify the resolution and frame rate based on your laptop specifications for the best gaming experience
  •  Connect the gaming controller of your PS4 to your laptop using a USB cable or wirelessly
  •  Last but not least, open the ‘Remote Play app on your laptop, sign in, and get ready to rock and roll!

Connecting PS4 To A Laptop Without Remote Play

This is another method of connecting your PS4 to a laptop that does not include Remote Play. Instead of remote play, this method needs a high-quality capture card. You will need the following to carry out this method-

  •  A premium video capture card
  •  Your laptop
  •  PS4 console
  •  A dual-function HDMI cable
  •  Wireless connection of internet
  •  Compatibility to share files

Now, you can start the connecting process following the steps below.

  •  Go to Menu of your PS4 and turn on the option of file sharing
  •  Find the ‘Network Settings’ option from Settings and turn on internet connectivity. You can use your Wi-Fi router if you cannot manage wireless connectivity
  •  Next, connect the capture card with your laptop. The USB-C cable should be in the capture card into the USB-A port of the laptop
  •  You can connect the HDMI cable with the capture card and console in case of an S-video connection. The HDMI input will go to the capture card while the HDMI output goes into the PS4
  •  Now, download and install the complimentary software of the capture card on your laptop
  •  Open the software that you have installed on your laptop and give some time for it to detect your gaming console. If it is not able to detect it automatically, go to the settings of the software and choose your PS4 as the gaming device.

The only disadvantage of using your PS4 without Remote Play is that you will be unable to connect the gaming controllers, which you can use when using Remote Play. You will have to use the keyboard for a controller. This is not preferred by most gamers, but if you have no problem with it, best of luck with gaming!

How To Connect PS4 Gaming Controller To A Laptop?

1. Using a USB cable

This is where having a Steam account works as a trump card because it makes connecting a new controller much easier. However, if you don’t have a Steam account, we can also help you with that.

Using Steam:

  •  Go to Steam, click on ‘Big Picture Mode’ and then Settings
  •  Look for the ‘Controller Settings’ in the controller tab
  •  Head to ‘PlayStation Configuration Support’, click the box, and check it
  •  Connect your controller of your PS4 with a USB cable to your laptop
  •  When Stream detects your gaming controller, they are connected

For Non-Steam Users

  •  Head to your laptop’s browser, type in, and click on ‘Download Now
  •  You will be redirected to visit Github. Now, search and click on the file and complete the download
  •  Go to the folder where the zip file has been downloaded. Extract it and run the DS4Windows
  •  Click on ‘Step 1:Install the DS4 Driver’ and permit to install the files
  •  Restart your laptop. You can start playing after it turns on

2. Using Bluetooth

There is no way your laptop does not have Bluetooth connectivity in this day and age. Thus your PS4 controllers can be connected wirelessly!

  •  Go to Settings of your laptop and you will find Bluetooth. Turn it on
  •  Press on the Share and PlayStation at once for some time. Wait until you see the backlight blinking
  •  Go to the option for adding Bluetooth or other devices on your laptop and select Bluetooth
  •  You will be able to see that the gaming controller is listed among the connected devices
  •  Click on it and the setup will be completed. You might be asked for a password. In that case, type ‘0000’ and you are good to go!


If you are not a pro gamer, we would not be surprised if you tell us that you didn’t know that PS4 can be connected to a laptop, let alone without the usage of a TV! But as technology is being updated, we are looking for ways to make the use of these technologies easier.

We have provided you with guidelines on how you can connect PS4 to a laptop without a TV, and the steps are quite easy, aren’t they? We hope that we have been of help, even if it’s the tiniest bit, to your gaming journey!

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