Teens In Green Take Over New Haven

Energize Connecticut opened up their summer of energy awareness with an event hosted on the front steps of New Haven’s City Hall Wednesday, July 15. Partnered with the Youth Conservation Corps, the exhibition marked the beginning of a door-to-door canvassing effort. The goal of this endeavor supports experts in educating New Haven residents in ways to cut down on energy expenses for minimal cost.

Festival participants were able to discuss with energy professionals and students the best economical practices that can make a large impact on their annual costs while also raising attention to the environmental benefits.

Comcast presented a $5,000 donation to the faction verifying the significance of the work being done by the initiative that encourages Connecticut business owners, clients and communities with the essential resources to preserve energy efficiently.

The informational exhibits, live music, free food and desserts at the event were sponsored by Comcast, the United Illuminating Company, the Greater New Haven Green Fund, the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, Liberty Community Services, and New Haven Mayor Toni Harp.

Want to get involved? Visit energizect.com for more details

What’s The Big Idea

“I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else.”

—Pablo Picasso

In just one sentence, Picasso uttered what is perhaps one of the most profound statements that anyone has ever spoken. Without ideas, there is no such thing as progress, change, or human development.  No society, no cities—which means, yes… no Chicago. And what would the world be without The WILLIS Tower, Museum Campus, and a culinary culture that goes far beyond deep dish pizza?

Not much.

But was Picasso really so profound to have meant to speak such a powerful phrase? Or was he just simplifying the process of how one of his works of art comes to place on canvas? Perhaps he didn’t mean to sum up the power of the idea in such eloquent fashion.

Perhaps he was provoked.

If I had to take a wild guess and describe the context that surrounded this famous quote, that would be my guess: someone had the curiosity to find out where the inspiration came from—an early 20th century journalist, maybe, who was looking for a good scoop on this hot new painter.

Perhaps this person was the profound one—after all, Eleanor Roosevelt once said that “average minds discuss events” while “great minds discuss ideas.” I would have to agree.

Today, we live in an incredible age where innovation and exciting new products are at every turn and every corner of life. We’re always talking about what’s the latest technology, or where the hottest new startup is—and not often enough are we discussing the ideas that these world-changing products and happenings have evolved from.

That’s what we’re interested in. How did this begin? When and where did your light bulb light up? What was your inspiration?

We love the coolest newest things as much as the next person, but we’re going to dig deeper. Do you want exclusive insight on how some of Chicago’s most exciting innovations have, can, and will come to life? Then get ready—because that’s what we’re going to be bringing.

Stay tuned for some incredible ideas.

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